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Durable fabric:

Comfortable lady swimwear fabric has dupont lycra, polyamide, polyester. Generally, sexy lady swimwear are made of fabrics with the best elasticity.Different fabrics have different functions.


There are many functions of a comfortable lady swimwear. First, it can protect the skin from the attack of chlorinated water. Second, it can cover the defects of the body.

The most common fabrics for comfortable lady swimwear are as follows:

1. dupont lycra comfortable ladies swimwear will last longer than regular ladies swimwear and are more suitable for one-piece ladies swimwear.

2. The nylon comfortable ladies swimwear is in the middle price. Of course, compared with the dupont Lycra hot sale lady swimwear, the solidity is not enough, but the elasticity and softness are equal, is now the most commonly used ladies swimwear fabric.

3. polyester fabric: the ladies swimwear flexibility is small, restricted, and belongs to low-cost products, are generally designed for split style hot sale lady swimwear, not suitable for one-piece ladiesswimwear.

Moreover, fashionable lady swimwear generally has good elasticity, which is convenient for limbs to flex and stretch freely.



Comfortable Lady Swimwear Supplier From China

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