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Material: Rake head material PP + wooden handle
Handle: Quality wooden stick
Size: Rake head 48(width)*34(height)CM, wooden handle 1.2m
Features: For heavy-duty cleaning
Color: According to your Pantone
Production Capacity:250,000pcs Per month.
Advantage: Quality material for a long time cleaning

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Grass Rake Wholesale China Manufacturer

To create the healthiest environment for your lawn:
Grass Rake China Manufacturer: Your grass and soil need to breathe and absorb moisture. Regular raking removes thatch and grass clippings that deprive the soil of oxygen and moisture.

High quality and durable:
The product consists of a fan-shaped rake head and a wooden handle, which is comfortable to use. Plastic tines are reinforced tines, sturdy rakes. The product is waterproof and durable and is the first choice for garden tools.


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