6'' Factory Hot Selling Joint Real Barbie Doll Toy

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Wholesale Barbie Doll Toys

Type: Doll toy for girl

Package: Window box


Item Weight:148g

Packing size:13*5*18CM


Product Details

Multi-occasion Play: Small in size, it can be played not only at home but also outside, children can easily hang out together.

Premium Material & Beautiful Packaging: These doll toys are made of PP+PVC and packaged in a beautiful window box. Other packages are also available, such as opp bags, color boxes, window boxes, display boxes…

Support Custom & New Production Equipment: We can accept your custom requirements, such as the color of clothes and hair, and other parts, such as the design of clothes, or any part you want, we can do as your request. We also have state-of-the-art equipment for all parts production, which will result in lower costs.

Recommended for direct use only
And put it in a ventilated place for several days under the supervision of an adult to eliminate the odor generated in the manufacturing process of plastic products. Please avoid prolonged outdoor use, prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause slight fading. If you have any questions, please contact us via email. happy shopping.


Barbie Doll Toy Manufacturer


We are not only a manufacturer of premium Barbie Doll Toy but also pay more attention to customer-centric product research and development, aiming to highlight the artistic style in every detail of the product, so as to provide high-quality products and considerate service.


Barbie Doll Toy



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