Export 8in Gardening Shears for Cutting Braches


Application: Garden Pruning

Color: Red

Pruner: Type: Ratchet

Weight: 235g

Material: 50 steel blade, aluminum alloy handle

Blade: Blackened blade, plated hook

Handle: Handle surface PVC dipping treatment

Feature: Anti-Slip Grip, Durable

Product Details

Easy to cut branches: Easy to cut, diameter up to 20mm, forged steel alloy structure blade, specially designed for professional gardeners.

High quality: Heat treatment tools and cutting blades maintain durability. Re-sharpening function while maintaining hardness and strength.

Tight and clean-cut: The blade and hook of this tool are matched by hand to ensure precision, the hook adopts a slope design, a narrow contour.

Safe cutting incision: Easy to operate, the cutting tool is closed when not in use. Lubricant can be used to maintain the scissors after each use.


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Gardening Shears

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