Wholesale Aluminium Geyser Coffee Maker Pot

New Arrival Household Coffee Pot Aluminum Espresso Maker

Professional Coffee Maker Pot Manufacturer

  • Weight: 254g / 367g
  • Size: 15.5*15.5cm / 19.6*9.3cm
  • MOQ: 3000
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Product Details

Simple Operation:

Union Source, a professional Coffee Maker Pot supplier, allows you to get the best traditional Italian stainless steel coffee machine. Simpler than an electric espresso machine, using high-quality food-grade aluminum to make 6 cups of espresso.

Safe Use:

Use soft-touch handles and knobs to protect your fingers when making espresso in a stove coffee machine. The large rubber heat-resistant handle can be comfortably away from the body, ensuring maximum safety when preparing for fresh brewing.

Delicious Coffee:

Our Coffee Maker Pot can quickly produce rich, soft, and penetrating coffee. Enjoy delicious espresso, American coffee, cappuccino, and latte anytime. It is the ideal choice for every coffee lover when making espresso, and it is also a must-have in the kitchen.

Convenient And Fast:

Easily brew the most delicious espresso, whether you have a gas stove, electric stove, or even a camping stove.

Easy To Clean: Our metal coffee maker is made of high-quality aluminum and can be cleaned easily with just water. Do not use soap or detergent.


Professional Coffee Maker Pot Supplier


Union Source is a professional exporter of aluminum Coffee Maker Pot products, with more than 15 years of foreign trade service experience and more than 200 outstanding employees.

The Coffee Maker Pot supplied by Union Source is made of aluminum alloy, well-made, durable, and beautiful. Deeply loved by customers.

This coffee pot is easy to carry and has a long handle for easy gripping. It is the preferred product for home life and business trips.


 Coffee Maker Pot

Coffee Maker Pot Coffee Maker Pot

Coffee Maker Pot Coffee Maker PotCoffee Maker Pot


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