Efficient Puffy Eye Massager From China

Item Name: Cold massager set for puffy face

Size: 7.8*3.5 inches

Premium packages: Paper box, transparent plastic box.

Safe Materials: The material used in the massager is skin-friendly

and will not be irritating to the skin. Solid material, bacteriostatic.

Product Details


With our facial roller massager, which is specially designed to help alleviate migraine pain thanks to its soothing, therapeutic frozen effect – similar to a refreshing cold shower. With our face roller for puffiness, which will allow you to treat your puffy eyes, prevent the appearance of fine lines, and combat wrinkles as well as the first signs of graceful aging. By adding our eye-roller for dark circles and puffiness to your beauty routine. Made by beauty experts, this convenient lymphatic drainage face roller for wrinkles will take your routine to the next level.

The PUR Botanicals face massager roller for the face, neck, and eyes are going to become your secret weapon against toxins, unwanted cellulite, redness, or dark circles. Just 5 minutes will make a difference!

Please allow a slight size error due to manual measurement. Please allow for slight color differences due to different monitors.


Eye Massager Manufacturer

Strictly Selected Cooperative Factories:

The factories we choose to cooperate with are all from top Chinese manufacturers, and a good reputation determines the high quality and high standards of the products.


Eye Massager

Eye Massager

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