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Wholesale Facial Massage Machine

Item Name: Facial Massage Machine

Size: 14.1 (l) *5.75 (w) *3.3 (h) cm

Safe Materials:

The material used in the massager is skin-friendly and will not be irritating to the skin.

Solid material, bacteriostatic.


Product Details


3D roller massager: can be used for facial care and body care. Effectively lift and firm the skin, smooth the marks
FACIAL NAD Body Care: 3D ball design and 360-degree rotation for the whole body skin. Uninterrupted on the face, help exercise facial muscles, improve metabolism
Skin firming: relieve sensitive skin, promote facial tightening, shape, improve the figure, eliminate excess fat, relieve pain
Skin life: Unique V-shaped roller can massage different parts of the face, stimulate the facial skin, improve skin condition.


  • To simulate massage techniques, design beads to massage any part of the body;
  • Using advanced microcurrent technology;
  • 360-degree design;
  • 3D roller design fits the whole body skin;
  • Deep sensitive and non-sensitive skin;
  • Fashion design, rolling more smooth;


Facial Massage Machine Manufacturer


  • Do not immerse the product in water. Use a dry cloth or a moistened cloth to clean the product.
  • Do not use water, alcohol, steel wool, abrasive cleaners, or corrosive liquids to clean equipment as this may cause it to malfunction or discolor.
  • Pregnant women, children, or while breastfeeding.
  • Persons with implanted medical devices.

Strictly Selected Cooperative Factories:

The factories we choose to cooperate with are all from top Chinese manufacturers, and a good reputation determines the high quality and high standards of the products.


Facial Massage Machine

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