High Quality China Manufacture Handsaw Dry Wood Pruning Saw

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Material: Saw blade material 65mn, thickness 1.2mm, size 180mm, ABS/TPR handle

Blade Type: Folding Blade

Saw blade technology: grinding teeth on three sides, high-frequency quenching

Function: Multi-purpose

Color: Yellow black

Product Details

High-quality material: The saw is made of manganese steel, which is very durable, and the saw is ground on three sides, which can be used for sharp sawing to keep the saw in good condition.

Comfortable to use: Two-color plastic handle for comfortable grip. There is a safety lock on the handle, which is safer and more convenient to use.

Wide range of uses: The hand saw is foldable, and when folded, it is very small and easy to carry. Operating a folding handsaw can be used to cut wood, plywood, wallboard, PVC pipe, and more.


Wholesale Handsaw Dry Wood Pruning Saw


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