Custom Color Silicone Makeup Brush Cleansing Bowl Supplier

Item name: Makeup brush cleansing bowl

Material: Silicone

Usage: Makeup brush cleansing

Feature: Suitable for all kinds of makeup brushes,

custom color&shape, portable and reusable

Product Details

Easy to use: The silicone surface makes it easier for cleaning fluids to lather, making it easier to clean the brushes, helping to reduce cleaning fluid usage.

Multi-Functional: These can not only be used for makeup brush cleaning, you can also make your own DIY facial moisturizing mask.

Customization possibilities: silicone glue, particles on the surface of the silicone, the shape of the product, printed logo on the product.


Makeup Brush Cleansing Bowl Supplier


These silicone bowls are not only used for makeup brush & puff deep cleansing, they can also be used for making DIY face masks.
How to use it to clean the brushes: soak the brush hair with clean water, squeeze some cleansing liquid in the silicone bowl, then scrub the brush on the silicone surface, for the final step, wash the brush and the bowl.
This product enables us to do a deep cleaning on our makeup tools, to help us keep them clean and it is better for our skin health to clean our makeup tools occasionally.
The silicone material can reach EU standards, we deliver the products to all over the world.


Makeup brush cleansing bowl                  Makeup brush cleansing bowl                Makeup brush cleansing bowl

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