Retractable Serpentine Water Hose Wholesale with 3x Water Hose Spouts

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Type: Garden Hose Reels
Material: Plastic, Rubber, 300X300D Outer Polyester Cloth
3 connectors: Connector size 1/2 to 3/4+ 7 function spray gun
Size: 15m water pipe
Inner tube size: 6*9mm
Plastic Type: PP
Color: Blue polyester fabric
blue+black spray gun connector
Feature: Adjustable, Soft
Way of packing: Color box

Product Details

Quick Connect Retractable Serpentine Water Hose Wholesale

Competitive price and best service for you.
High-quality materials guaranteed:
Lightweight, good flexibility, bright 300D polyester fabric, smooth outer coating layer, high-pressure resistance, water pipe corrosion resistance, aging resistance

Customized service:
A variety of sizes and colors are available, the colors are blue, sky blue, yellow, red, green, brown, different colors with lines, etc.
The length of the water pipe can be customized, 15m, 20m, 25m, etc.


Water Hose Wholesale

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