Professional Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl With Silicone Handle And Lid

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Supplier

Weight: 293g

MOQ: 5000 pcs

Size: d24/d22/d20/d18

Model Number: UB-1138


Product Details


More durable than glass mixing bowls or plastic that can stain and retain odors, this top-rated stainless steel mixing bowl set is made of premium steel, polished to a luxurious mirror finish on the inside and a fingerprint-resistant brushed finish on the outside. This professional-grade stainless steel bowl set will never rust and is high quality to last you a lifetime.


Our non-slip silicone bottoms keep your bowls right where you want them. The non-slip rubber base combined with a sturdy flat bottom keeps your recipes on the counter when whisking and is safe to use as a double boiler when melting chocolate for baking. All materials are non-toxic and BPA-free, safe for kids and adults!


Colorful, Mixing bowls in red, blue, black, and pink are easy to use, with a lightweight design that features an extra-wide rim and functional collar for better grip. Precise etched volume measurements inside the stainless steel Mixing Bowl help busy bakers measure out big recipes without measuring cups. Great Mixing Bowl.


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