Triangle Makeup Cotton Powder Puffs from China


Item name: Makeup powder puff
Product dimensions: 65*70mm
Product weight: 2g
Material: Cotton, microfiber, bamboo fiber
Feature: Custom size&shape, easy makeup, soft and skin-friendly
Used for: Makeup powder application
Stock color: Blue, pink, purple, green, white, etc.
Customization possibilities: Size, shape, color, care label, printed ribbon band

Product Details

The powder puff is made from super soft and highly-dense fiber, with this powder puff it is easy to apply powder on your face evenly and to help to make your makeup look smooth and perfect.

These can be used for all kinds of powder that’s used for your makeup, you can apply your makeup powder using one single piece of this powder puff.

The soft fiber surface of the puff offers our skin a smooth feeling when applying makeup, and both sides of the puff can be used for makeup. The fiber hair is not easy to get loosen either when using or in the cleaning process. It is recommended to clean the puffs from time to time to keep them clean and for your skin health.


Custom Triangle Makeup Cotton Powder Puffs

We are open to any shape from your design. We appreciate your precious and creative ideas on customization, either on material or shape. We are willing to work on new models if you would like to share your ideas.


Powder puff               Powder puff              Powder puff


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