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China Electronic Kitchen Scale Manufacturer


Accurate Measurement: 11lb/5kg capacity with a division of 0.1oz/1g lets you weigh nuts, grains, fruit, and more with astonishing accuracy for exact portion control and healthier cooking. With high precision strain gauge sensors, an electronic food scale can provide you with trustworthy results every time.

Tare Function: These are functions for easy compatibility with other containers, allowing you to weigh smaller ingredients and liquids inside a mug, plate, or different sized bowl with dependable and hassle-free accuracy.

Multiple Units & Clear LCD Display: Effectively measure in grams, ounces, pounds, and milliliters. Separate mode for weighing milk volume and water volume. Compared with a traditional LCD display, this food scale is much easier to read all of your measurements at any angle, at any time.

Low Battery Indicator & Easy to Clean: Low battery indicator and overload indicator make the food weighting scale comfortable to use. And the display surface is made of tempered glass, waterproof, and easy to clean and maintain. Give a wipe after use, and it will refresh like an all-new one.

Sleek Design & Batteries Included: a digital kitchen scale is stylish and thoughtfully designed—perfect in every kitchen. It doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen and looks pretty on your counter and cabinet. Comes with a battery so that you can get started with your food prep straight away.



Multiple Units & Highly Accurate

4 accurate sensors for accurately measuring items in ounces, milliliters, pounds, and grams. 5kg / 11lb capacity,0.1oz / 1g division,perfect for baking & cooking.

Waterproof & Easy to Clean

High-quality tempered glass for easy to wipe clean with a dry towel or damp cloth. Please don’t immerse it in water.

Compact Size & Sleek Design

With a size 9”x 7” and weight 1 Pounds, it’s easy to carry and it doesn’t need much space to store in drawers, cupboards, etc. Not only strong bearing and durability but also beautiful.

Tare Function

Tare function allows you to weigh fruits, liquid, and other fresh ingredients inside a bowl/tray without weighing the container

Clear LCD Screen

With a large LCD display, you can easily read the measurement and can even get a clear readout in the dim environment.

Batteries Included

Including commonly available batteries which can be purchased anywhere. Please take out the battery insulator before use!


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