3 Most Popular Special Magic Cups In 2021

Color Change Cups

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Water is the source of life, we have to face that it plays a huge part in our lives – whether it’s the first cup of coffee to open your new day, a hydrating drink during your workout or a relaxing glass of wine at the end of the week. With our increasingly colorful lifestyles, more and more kinds of drinkware coming out to fit all kinds of scenarios and also be more stylish or fitting in with your existing ranges, so today let’s see some Special Magic Cups that are really different from normal ones.

Sublimation Stainless Steel Skinny Tumbler

First let’s see this is really popular sublimation stainless steel skinny tumbler, five painting coats to ensure the sublimation and color change, skinny body to make the comfortable hand feel.

The sliding lid is made of food-grade plastic, AS material makes the very clear transparency and well strength. When you are drinking the water, you can just open the push-piece and drink through the hole, and when not, you can close that to prevent the dust in. Besides, if you want to use the straw, we have the matched straw that can insert this hole. Pushing this holder to open the lid, then you can see the matched silicon ring, which can ensure the well leakproofness.

The thermal body, which is a double wall and made with 304SS inside, can pass the LFGB and FDA test. The vacuum tumbler can keep the warm or cold water for 2-6 hours.

Using the sublimation process to make the surface smoother, and white painting is suitable for printing patterns and logos by the microwave oven and heat press, you can print your own design by yourself. Firstly, you need to print your logo on a special paper like us, cutting to the suitable size, using heat tape to glue paper, put in the shrink wrap, use a heat gun, then put into the oven, just waiting for 5 minutes, then we can get the perfect sublimation tumbler. By the way, if you have the sublimation printing machine, you can just warp the tumbler with printed paper and put it into the heat-press, adjust the temperature and time, after 50seconds, the pattern will be printed on the tumbler like this.

Besides the sublimation, we also make the UV color change surface, when we put the Magic Cups in the dark environment, it will glow white. And when you put it under the sunshine, it will also change to purple, orange, green colors. Besides these, we can also do the customized color for color change.

This Tumbler is really popular in North American, nearly each water bottle shop hangs a tag for “HOT SALE”, so let’s chase this opportunity and lead the fashion.

Color Change Cups With Different Temperatures

Secondly, I would like to share some color change cups with different temperatures for you. The color-changing technology is based on a color powder that changes color according to temperature. Temperature change is divided into high-temperature change and low-temperature change, both can not exist at the same time. Generally speaking, a toner will have two colors, one is the color at room temperature, one is the color at high temperature or low temperature. And for now, we have a limitation for the color’s option, can only choose the option from the color range card. The most normal cups that we meet for the color change tumbler is to change the color for the whole cup, but we can also choose to only change the color for one part, like the logo part.

Both of this technology can use for plastic tumblers and ceramic mugs, the next, let’s see our plastic color change tumbler. Taper single wall tumbler, made by PP, both food grade and BPA – free. We have the capacity for 24oz and 16oz, when we are pouring the cold water, it can change into the other color, accessories with push lid / screwed lid and straw, packed with window color box. Can customize the logo and package to make your own special tumbler. Which is suitable for parties and gifts. If you like to drink cold drinks and fashion products, this one must be a wonderful partner for you.

Ceramic Mug For Color Change

Moreover, I also want to show you the ceramic mug for color change. Different from the tumbler, the Magic Cups is painted with a sublimation surface and color change power, so besides changing the color, it can also customize the logo by yourself.

Ceramic mug for food-grade, we can be easy to use it to drink hot coffee, handle design for insulated, different capacity for 11oz and 15oz,  different shape for straight one, heart handle and others.

Customized paint for surface, you can do your favorite color with sublimation surface, using microwave or heat press to make your own design. When pouring the hot water, the printing will gradually emerge on the surface of the cup.

With the development of science and technology, the market has gradually emerged many cups with strange functions like those magic cups, so that we can experience the happiness brought by science and technology while drinking healthy water.

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