Support air freight, sea freight, rail freight, FCL, LCL, etc.

air transport

The advantage of air transportation is that it is faster and safer than other transportation. If your order meets the air freight standard, we recommend air freight, and we will deliver it to you within a week according to your needs. Of course, the price of air freight is relatively expensive, the faster the speed, the higher the price.

By sea

Shipping is one of our most commonly used transportation methods because our customers purchase our products in large quantities and the waterways extend in all directions. Therefore, we use the shipping method to load large quantities of heavy goods. This method is relatively cheap, but the slow speed and unstable sailing time also make everyone more distressed.

International railway transportation

Railway transportation has extremely strong transportation capacity, convenient turnover, convenient loading and unloading, and is not affected by climate change, so this method is safe and punctual. The only disadvantage is his high investment and maintenance costs. In addition, the difference in gauge is also an inevitable consideration.

FCL transportation

If your cargo is large and heavy, FCL transportation is more suitable. The entire box only carries your cargo. This method of transportation can ensure that your cargo will not be lost or damaged in the middle.

LCL transportation

If your cargo is much smaller than the container’s loading capacity, we often adopt this method: one container is loaded with products from multiple manufacturers or importers. This kind of cargo is also very suitable for air transportation and is cheaper than full container transportation.

Door to door

The shipper is responsible for loading the container, after its warehouse or factory warehouse is handed over to the carrier for acceptance, the carrier is responsible for the entire transportation until the consignee’s warehouse or factory warehouse delivers the container. This kind of whole-process connection transportation is called “door-to-door” transportation. It is also called “door-to-door delivery.”


We own 8,000 ㎡ warehouses and enlarge every year. We can offer:

  • Satisfy customers’ special loading requirements, such as pallet loading.
  • Provide exclusive VIP customer warehouse area.
  • Own shipping agent offers favorable inland & ocean freight charges, customs clearance.
  • We can handle your order both in Ningbo and Yiwu
  • We have enough room to store the goods
  • We can load more than 10 containers in the same day
  • Re-pack some items for you in our warehouse to save time.
  • Experienced people loading each container to keep goods perfectly.


We have more than 1200㎡ showrooms in Ningbo & Yiwu. And it displays more than 100000 items which include: houseware, kitchenware, drinkware, holiday gifts, underwear, bags, hardware, stationery, kids toy, etc. Meantime, we are updating 100 new items every day.

Welcome customers and delegation 800 times each year and $ 10,000,000 orders are confirmed in the showroom.

Welcome to visit our showroom 24/7.


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