Inspection Services


1. Basic inspection before production

Before production, we will firmly test and control the preparation of suppliers’ materials, facilities, machinery, raw materials, and parts. If we find any errors during our investigation, we will negotiate a solution with the supplier.

2. Rhythm control in production

When producing products, we also follow up and monitor the whole process. The production schedule needs to be carried out according to our plan, to ensure the delivery cycle. In addition, we will strictly monitor whether the supplier is producing according to your specifications and production safety rules.

3. Quality control after production

Before shipping, we need to ensure that the products are packaged and shipped in full accordance with the quality and quantity you require. We will follow AQL standards to check all your product functions and safety requirements, and finally, we will strictly control the packaging.

4. Packaging inspection

If the packaging is occasionally worn or in poor condition when the goods are in the warehouse, we will repack it, and we will repack or upgrade the packaging according to your requirements.


We have long-term cooperation with domestic well-known SGS, STR, OMAGE, and other factory inspection agencies. SGS factory inspection company is a well-known international certification consulting brand in China and a leading domestic multinational supply chain guarantee service organization. The brand team is composed of senior personnel from BV, ITS, SGS, and well-known companies (Wal-Mart, Disney).

We hope that the supplier’s management system in terms of quality, social responsibility (human rights), and anti-terrorism will meet certain requirements. Therefore, before placing an order, we will inspect the factory condition by ourselves or by a third-party notary firm. Only after the existence of serious and serious problems can the factory be included in the list of qualified suppliers, will the order be placed and long-term cooperation.

We support video factory inspection. The team of photographers will take you to visit the supplier’s factory, workshop, and other production details with professional shooting technology and the best experience. Just put forward your needs, nothing we can’t do.

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