Sale Under Guarantee !

If you have any questions after receiving the goods, we will provide you with efficient solutions.

1. We have a One-to-one after-sales service. The dedicated staff is responsible for your after-sales issues.

2. We have strict quality control. If the product has quality problems within the time specified in the contract, we are willing to provide a return, replenishment, and refund service.

3. We provide quality assurance services for special products such as electronic products.

4. We have multi-channel customer service, which provides service management through various customer contact channels, such as telephone, email, webpage, fax, social media, etc.

5. We value customer feedback. Based on customer feedback, we are always committed to becoming an organization that improves the quality of services and products.

We Are Your Long-term Partner

Union Source believes that customers will always be our good partners. We attach great importance to the ideas of our customers, and we will consider the needs of our customers and find the most suitable solution. We provide reliable and best customer service and establish a long-term partnership with you.

Motivation For Improvement

Union Source warmly welcomes customer feedback. Your feedback is our motivation for improvement.
We have a complete feedback process. Your feedback is valuable to us. As your long-term partner, we will constantly update our products and services according to the needs of each customer.

Need Sourcing Products from China?

Is the price too high? Quality problem? No reliable partner? No experience?
We will be your trustworthy partner in China! We are ready to assist 24/7. (It’s free)