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Find it hard to locate reliable underwear suppliers? Not a problem anymore.

We have more than 300 qualified underwear suppliers for you to choose. Nearly 800 skilled workers provide high-quality products. Different types of sewing machines such as single needle, double-needle, four-thread overlocking, zigzag, lace cover stitch machines, and 30 seamless machines, etc, can meet all your needs requirements.

We have a wide range of products including laser-cut panty and bra, lace sewn panty and bra, cotton top and bottoms for adults and kids, yoga sportswear, shapewear, pajama, and so on.

We have certificates “BSCI”,”OEKO-TEX”,”Sedex”,”GOTS”,Disney Audit. We have clients from all over the world, from the supermarket, retail stores to online stores, such as Primark, Pepco, LIDL, Auchan, etc.

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Custom Underwear Wholesale

Need custom Underwear? Union Source makes a range of Custom Underwear for you. We deliver high-quality and any quantity Underwear to our clients worldwide. If you are an Underwear distributor, feel free to contact us. We take big and small orders from you.

China Underwear Wholesale

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About Union Source Underwear Factory

Step 1 – Get a Conception & Develop a Techpack
Tell us your idea, We can turn them into products. We’ll send you a list of underwear styles, design drawings, colors, size tables, fabrics, quantity, etc.

Step 2 – Get a Quotation & Customize Samples
We make the sample and send it to you for visual checking. We’ll improve it until you’re satisfied.

Step 3 – Information Confirmation & Mass Production
If you’re satisfied with the sample and price, We’ll confirm the quantities of each color, the size of each style, and all the details of every accessory. Then the mass production will start.

Step 4 – Quality Inspection & Shipping Arrangement
Orders following up with AQL standards; flexible logistics support shipping to all over the world.

Cooperative Customers

Cooperative Customers



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We provide a varied range of high quality daily-use items with 10895 factory resources.