Union Source was established in 2005 specialized in general merchandise procurement and export. We provide one-stop China sourcing solutions which include product sourcing, customization service, supplier selecting, OEM & ODM, factory audit, order follow-up, quality control, shipment, goods shipment tracking, and finance support.

If you want to build your brand, our R&D team here can provide innovative products from design style, material, color, logo, to packaging.

Our products are mainly daily necessities including kitchenware, drinkware, artificial flowers, holiday gifts, underwear, bags, accessories, toys, beauty tools, etc.

Our main headquarters is in the largest port city —Ningbo, China. Our constituent companies and factories are located in Yiwu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Shantou which provide strong sourcing resources.

In the past 15 years, we have helped over 3000 importers from 86 countries sourcing from China. In 2021, the import and export volume of the whole group exceeded US$100 million. It has developed into one of the largest self-operated import and export businesses in Zhejiang.

Our ultimate goal is to make global sourcing easier!
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Providing excellent supply chain service for clients worldwide

Create the supply chain benchmarking services, jointly build a humanistic and harmonious enterprise.

● Fortune favors the diligent

● Be alert of dangers even in times of calm

● Continuing professional and excellent

● To honor commitment and take practical actions

● Collaboration and sharing

● Anti-corruption and self-discipline

● Collective wisdom, joint force

● Perfecting yourself while benefiting others

Our History


Accomplish 100+ Million Dollars Turnover

The number of employees exceeded 200


With more than 10000 suppliers, 80000 types of export products


Start to develop professional series products (such as underwear, kitchenware, etc.)

The number of employees exceeded 100


Established an e-commerce department to start the journey of cross-border e-commerce


With more than 2000 important cooperative suppliers, 10000 types of export products


Union Source Established

Yiwu established a large-scale warehouse distribution center


Established a large-scale product exhibition hall in Ningbo of 2000 square meters


Accomplish 10 Million Dollars Turnover


Sellers Union Group Started in Ningbo; The Union Source founder started the import and export business

Our Showroom

Our Team

Our Exhibition

Our Office

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