14 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton tote bags

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Eco- Friendly cotton tote bags are efficient

Cotton tote bags are larger and stronger than paper or plastic bags, it’s easier to carry your groceries home. You don’t have to worry that the bags will break, or tear, and the handle of a cotton bag will never cut into your hand or stretch out with the weight of what is inside it.

Cotton tote bags are clean

Eco-friendly cotton bags are made of fabric, so you can certainly throw them in the washing machine before your next trip to the grocery store. In addition, they are the only shopping bags you will ever need, so there is no big pile of plastic in the trash, it takes up space in the cupboards. When the shopping is finished, it’s easy to fold the bags up, and slip them back into your car or near your front door, ready for the next time you need them.

Cotton tote bags are convenient

Reusable cotton tote bags usually include built-in compartments for carrying things of different sizes and shapes. That is a big benefit for carrying groceries home. You don’t need to worry about some foods getting too close to the other foods, or any leaking or spilling. It also makes it easier to throw your wallet in with your purchases without worrying about losing it.

Cotton tote bags

Cotton tote bags are eco-friendly

Cotton tote bags are stronger; they can be reusable many times.

According to data collected by Sciencing, Americans go through more than one hundred billion plastic grocery bags per year; the average family collects more than 1500 in a year! 

As you can imagine, only a minuscule fraction of these bags are recycled properly — about 2%. The rest go out into the environment, where they create all sorts of problems. Per Sciencing: 

8% of all litter observed in public sites was plastic bags

1-3% of American plastic shopping bags clutter and pollute the environment outside of landfills.

100 billion bags take up space in landfills

Millions of plastic bags also wind up in our waterways, where they pose a serious hazard to sea life (check out our post on the perils of plastic for more astonishing numbers). Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose; as it breaks down, harmful microplastics leech out into the environment. 

And for another environmental wallop? Most plastic grocery bags are made from petroleum, a nonrenewable resource that contributes to climate change and interrupts ecosystems around the planet. 

While paper bags are more recyclable and compostable, they’re not immune from problems either. Paper bags can be difficult to manage, and they tear easily. Plus, as Stanford Magazine points out, “manufacturing a paper bag requires about four times as much water like a plastic bag.” Plus, many of the chemicals and fertilizers used to treat wood during tree farming can lead to problems like acid rain, while causing damage to our waterways.  

So, that’s why it’s important to skip the single-use bags! And one other thing? While it may be tempting to swap out single-use plastic for a sturdier, reusable plastic bag, that’s just “making problems worse,” as Quartz notes:

Instead, opt for a canvas tote bag. These convenient and easy-to-carry bags have been around since the 17th century, and are becoming increasingly popular as a way to lug around groceries, cleaning supplies, and anything else you need to take with you — with none of the waste along the way!

Cotton tote bags are more economical

You can use the bags for clothes shopping, shoe shopping, books, or anything you need to carry. If you find cotton bags that you love to use and are convenient and efficient then you will find ways to ensure that you will constantly use them. The more you use them, it will be more economical.

Cotton tote bags are biodegradable

Do you know? It will take only one to five months for a cotton tote bag to fairly decompose in a damp, bright, and warm environment. They are biodegradable, so after a landfill, all the natural minerals, water, and carbon dioxide will be returned to the nature that is in the soil.

Cotton tote bags are good for person’s healthy

Many people generally face itching or any other skin-related problems while being exposed to plastic bags for a long time. The dye or color used to print on the plastic bags is not permanent and can come out from it with time. It can be a big problem since those colors contain chemicals that can harm you, especially if you store some food in such bags. So always be careful and never depend on plastic bags for any purpose.

So the best option to avoid such an allergenic issue to happen again is to use cotton bags.

There are many startups, small and medium scale industries who are in the business of producing these kinds of eco-friendly bags. If we are encouraged to use more cotton bags, then the demand for its production would also be higher.

Cotton tote bags

Cotton bag are help our mother nature

Firms can employ more and more people to make cotton bags, especially for stitching or weaving purposes. So in this manner.  Indirectly. We all are contributing to avoiding the use of machinery. We can save some power that will also be going to help our mother nature.

Cotton tote bag is more useful

One best part about using the cotton tote bag is that even after it gets worn out, you can still use it as an additional piece of cloth. It can be further utilized to dust your vehicle or for other cleaning purposes or do not want to waste your precious attires.

Great idea for a gift

It would sure be a good idea to gift a set of attractive canvas tote bags to your family, friend, or any other known one on any occasion. It can be any event like an anniversary, birthday, or marriage.

Cotton tote bags are more sustainable

It is that you will always feel proud of using the cloth canvas tote bags. They are more sustainable, and not only save your money but also our environment. We are living on earth all because of the help of our nature! So it is our responsibility to take care of it by contributing less to nil in landfills, sea-waste, or any other kind of pollution!

High Quality

Cotton tote bags quality is more stable and good. UnionSource co.,ltd is BSCI audited and has its own QC team to monitor strictly for each process for assuring quality well.

Elegant Fashion

Cotton tote bags look more elegant and stylish as compared to the other material quality options. Mostly these are also having heavy designs imprinted on them! Union Source CO., LTD has its own designer team, we can design the nicest designs for your selection.

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