1Pcs Wholesale Elephant Design Silicone Baby Teether

Type: Baby Teether
Color: As the picture show
Material: FDA Silicone
MOQ: 200pcs each pattern
Sample: Available

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Safe and FDA-Approved Material:

the teether is made from FDA-approved silicone, ensuring it is safe for babies to chew on and free from
harmful substances. This provides peace of mind for caregivers and ensures the baby’s safety during

Engaging and Adorable Design:

the endearing elephant design of the teether, making it visually appealing and engaging for babies. The
playful shape and design are likely to capture the attention of infants and provide sensory stimulation.

Baby Teether

Textured Surface for Soothing Relief:

the presence of a textured surface design that can help soothe a baby’s teething discomfort and provide relief
to the gums through gentle chewing. The textured surface can aid in massaging the gums and providing comfort
during the teething process.

Easy to Hold and Chew:

the ergonomic design of the teether, ensuring that it is easy for babies to grip and chew on, promoting early
oral motor skills and coordination. The size and shape should be suitable for a baby’s grip, making it easy
for them to handle and use.

Baby Teether

Quality and Durability:

the use of high-quality, durable silicone material, ensuring that the teether remains effective and resilient
for ongoing use. The durability of the teether ensures it can withstand regular use and chewing.

BPA-Free and Easy to Clean:

the teether is free from BPA and other harmful chemicals and is easy to clean and maintain. The hygienic aspect
is crucial for oral care products, making it safe for babies and convenient for caregivers to keep clean.

Baby Teether

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