How to Choose the Right Toys as Your Child’s Birthday Gifts

Child's Birthday Toys

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For parents, every birthday of their children is of extraordinary significance. Parents must be very concerned about birthday gifts and want to choose the most satisfying birthday present for their children.

Absolutely, Toys occupy almost the whole childhood of children, because, with toys, children’s childhood will be happier; because of toys, children have a medium to know new things; also because of toys, children can hand in Childhood playmates.

But most parents do not know how to choose the birthday toys, even often need to throw away toys after a period of time after buying them, which is very wasteful; and children keep wanting to buy new toys, I think most parents have stored a lot of them in their houses. So What are the toys? how exactly do you choose the right birthday gift for your kids? Please continue reading, this article will give you an answer.

Toys have three basic characteristics: entertainment, education, and safety. There are many varieties and different classification methods.

According to raw materials and craftsmanship, it is divided into metal toys, plastic toys, wood and bamboo toys, plush toys, paper toys, and folk toys;

According to the state, it is divided into elastic toys, inertia toys, clockwork toys, electric toys, music toys, and electronic toys. machine toys; Divided into baby toys, baby toys, toddler toys according to age;

According to the function, it is divided into sports toys, intellectual toys, science and education toys, military toys, decorative toys, etc.

Different characters and children of different ages are suitable for different kinds of toys, so how to choose the right toy for your child among the wide variety of toys?

Do not buy inferior toys

When choosing children’s toys, don’t choose toys with particularly bright colors and pungent odors. Most of these toys are substandard and inferior toys, which have certain harm to the baby’s health.

Choose toys with smooth surfaces

When choosing children’s toys for children, you should first choose ones with a smooth surface, no edges and corners, no burrs, etc., so as not to accidentally hurt yourself when playing, so you should first choose smooth toys for your baby.

By age group

The youngest children usually play with handbells and the like, small toys that ring when they are shaken. If they are older, they can ask for story machines, pianos, building blocks, etc., and older children can play with some simple puzzles. , by the age of four or five, the toys will be more abundant.

For children of different ages, we will launch targeted toys that are suitable for each time period. For children under the age of 5, different types of small airplanes, cars, animal toys, and all kinds of realistic toys, so that children of this age group can begin to know new things in the world and start to touch the world. Of course, we will also consider the safety of toys. For these children, we will recommend plastic and plush toys to ensure safety. For example, colorful bell toys, car model track sets, etc., let children first contact with the sound world

For children over 5 years old, various educational game toys develop children’s intelligence and allow children to gain knowledge while playing. Like different types of building blocks, there are more kinds of play equipment. Real and small playhouse toys and equipment can let children know in advance what their dreams are and who they want to be.

Don’t buy small toys

It is especially important to note that babies under the age of three should not play with very small toys, so as not to put them in their mouths when they are playing, and in case they accidentally inhale the trachea, it will cause the baby to suffocate. If you want to exercise your baby’s ability to pick up small objects with your fingers, you should always watch the household around you when you are playing to avoid accidents.

Toys for boys and girls

Like girls, they like dolls, story machines, kitchen toys, etc., and they will use these toys to play house together. Boys generally like toys such as water guns, small planes, toy cars, and small tanks. So you also need to pay attention when picking toys.


If the child is too young, it is definitely not suitable to play with toys with small parts, so as not to cause harm to the child if swallowed. Children should be given larger, non-toxic toys.

Knowing how to choose toys for children, you must be wondering how to ensure the use-value of toys.

Parents can encourage their children to exchange toys. In ordinary times, you can remind your child to take good care of the toys, because the toys can only be exchanged if they are in good condition. At the same time, you can also prepare more storage spaces such as boxes or drawers for children. It is recommended that children keep toys to be replaced and toys that are not to be replaced separately. This can not only enhance the child’s initiative to clean up toys, but also cultivate his rationality of thinking.

Finally, the most important thing is our toys are set at reasonable costs according to each age of use, As the children grow up, there will be no regrets because the toys are no longer used.

Are you still worried about what gift to choose for your child’s birthday? Are you still worried that the gift you choose will soon lose the freshness of the child? Are you still lamenting that buying expensive toys has no practicality?

If you are reading this article and are still worried about how to choose gifts for your children, please follow in our footsteps~

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