China Shipping Agents: How To Find A Reliable Shipping Agent

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With the continuous improvement of China’s GDP, the development of China’s industry has become more and more rapid. For the world, China, known as the “world’s factory”, exports more and more products and covers more and more fields. Nowadays, more and more companies tend to find Shipping agents in China.

What Is A Shipping Agent?

Everyone must be very curious about what is a Shipping Agent? A Shipping Agent is a person or company that specializes in transporting and coordinating goods from one country to another through one or more carriers. Shipping from one country to another may be by air, sea, rail, or road.

The work that the Shipping Agent of different companies may be responsible for will vary. Shipping Agents basically involve services such as negotiating prices, arranging transportation, cargo inspection, safe storage, cargo insurance, customs clearance, etc.

  • Negotiated Price

The Shipping Agent will negotiate the price of the goods and the freight and other aspects for the customer and the supplier.

  • Arranging Transportation

The Shipping Agent will deliver the goods from the supplier’s warehouse to the corresponding port.

  • Cargo Inspection

In order to ensure that the goods fully meet the relevant requirements, the Shipping Agent will inspect the goods.

  • Safe Storage

Shipping Agents also provide warehousing services.

  • Cargo Insurance

In order to ensure the safe arrival of the goods, after consultation with the customer, the Shipping Agent will help the customer to ensure the goods.

  • Customs Clearance

The Shipping Agents are very familiar with the relevant laws and customs clearance procedures, so they can quickly complete the customs clearance work in a short time.

The above services are basically involved in Shipping Agents, and some larger Shipping Agents even involve more services.

Where Do You Go to Find A Shipping Agent?

  • First, you can search online

Where can I find a Shipping Agent? You can find Shipping Agents on GOOGLE by searching for products, ports of departure, ports of destination, etc. You can browse the official websites of some freight companies for some basic information.

  • Second, ask the supplier.

Local suppliers may already be cooperating with more stable forwarders to the same destination country.

  • Afterward, ask around friends, family, etc.

Ask your friends if there are more reliable Chinese freight forwarding companies. The Shipping Agent introduced by an acquaintance will be relatively reliable.

  • Again, participate in exhibitions, etc.

Generally, there will be relatively large enterprises participating in the Canton Fair, exhibitions, etc. If you are unable to participate in the offline Canton Fair and exhibition, you can participate in the online cloud exhibition.

  • Finally, pay attention to social platform information.

Many large freight forwarding companies will register accounts on social platforms, which can be followed in a timely manner. There may be more experienced importers who will share their experience and freight forwarding.

There are still many ways to find a Shipping Agent, and you need to find the method that suits you best.

Why Find A Chinese Shipping Agent?

As written at the beginning of this article, Made in China has become more and more recognized over time, and more and more countries and regions will choose to import various commodities from China. If you find a reliable Shipping Agent, the Shipping Agent will help you save a lot of time and cost.

First, it is more convenient for a Chinese Shipping Agent to communicate with local suppliers. China Shipping Agents Association can help you negotiate and communicate with manufacturers in Chinese, especially in the price of export products.

Secondly, a reliable China Shipping Agent will save your time. There is no doubt that the larger freight forwarding companies have been operating for a long time. They are very familiar with domestic laws in China and can help you complete product procurement and customs clearance as soon as possible.

Finally, a reliable China Shipping Agent can save you costs. Sometimes, the number of products you purchase is not large. At this time, it is relatively convenient to rely on the Shipping Agent to load bulk goods together, and to a certain extent, it can save costs and increase profits.

Therefore, if you need to import various products in China for a long time, the best way is to find a Chinese Shipping Agent.

How to Find A Reliable Shipping Agent?

The 5 ways to find a Shipping Agent have been mentioned above, but there are still many places to pay attention to in order to find a very reliable Shipping Agent.

First, you need to check the Shipping Agent’s license. If they have a license, then they are recognized in China. If they don’t have a basic license, they may run away from liability if something major goes wrong.

Second, look for feedback from previous customers, etc. By looking at the feedback of previous customers, it can be concluded whether the freight forwarding company is responsible and the credit of the freight forwarding company. At the same time, you can call to ask some basic questions.

Then, investigate the business background. You can use acquaintances or family members to inquire whether the background information of this freight forwarding company is true. The background of some companies seems to be very good, but the actual situation may have a certain gap with the freight forwarding company you need.

After that, check the official website, social media, etc. to learn about the business.

Finally, if you can, you can visit the freight forwarding company on the spot.

Don’t just look for a freight forwarding company because you don’t want to spend time or energy. In any case, it is very necessary to take the time to understand and find a reliable Shipping Agent. Spending more time in the short term may reap more profits in the future.


There are many freight forwarding companies in China, and different freight forwarding companies are also different. When you are looking for a freight forwarding company, you must consider the Shipping Agent’s services, fees, execution capabilities, and other aspects. Only in this way can you ensure that your order and your needs can be completed as soon as possible. At the same time, it cannot be said that big Shipping Agents are necessarily better, and small Shipping Agents are necessarily bad. It can only be said that the freight forwarding company that suits you must be the best and must be considered in many aspects. Finally, I have to say that it is really necessary to find a reliable Shipping Agent in China.

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