How to Wash the Cap without Ruining it


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Many fashionable men and women like to wear hats, which not only makes people become very fashionable but also gives people a special sense of charm and mystery. Hats have a variety of benefits, but they can often get sweat stains on your head, so they must be washed regularly. Many people like to wear hats, but few know how to clean them. Here, I have summed up a hat cleaning method, mainly for baseball caps and knitted hats.


How to wash the baseball cap?

  • Prepare a basin of warm water with a neutral detergent;
  • If the baseball cap is only partially dirty, you can gently scrub the baseball cap with a soft bristle brush;
  • If the whole baseball cap is not too clean, you can soak it in warm water, gently clean the cap body and brim, and then use a soft brush to brush especially dirty parts;
  • Baseball sweat stains will be more at the cap inner ring, we can scrub several times, thoroughly wash the sweat scale;
  • Rinse the baseball cap with clean water, gently shake off the water, do not use the washing machine dehydration;
  • Spread out the baseball cap, fill it with a dry towel, wrap the cap body with facial tissue, lay it flat to dry, and never hang it to dry in the sun.

Attention to when washing a baseball cap

  • For baseball caps, do not machine wash, because the shape of the baseball cap is fixed, machine washing will cause deformation of the cap;
  • The best way to wash a baseball cap is to use lukewarm water, not too hot water.
  • When washing by hand, you can use a soft brush to gently scrub the hat body. The soft brush could wash more carefully and will not cause damage to the hat.
  • For some printed baseball caps, washing often causes discoloration, so the best way is dry-cleaned.
  • Wrap a baseball cap with facial tissue after washing it to prevent it from turning brown.

How do baseball caps stay shape?

  • Never throw a baseball cap in the washing machine, because the cap’s shape is fixed and will distort in the machine;
  • When cleaning the baseball cap, do not use water with too high temperature, because too high temperature will make the baseball cap deformation;
  • When washing baseball caps by hand, don’t rub them too much. It’s best to scrub them with a soft brush, to prevent them from getting out of shape.

How to maintain the shape of a baseball cap when storing it

Each baseball cap has its own fixed shape because special materials are used to hold the cap during production.

So when you don’t wear a hat, you should put your baseball cap in a proper size box and remember to keep it in a dry place. This will prevent dampness from damaging the shape of your baseball cap.

If you have a lot of caps, the hat is unfolded and then placed on the hat holder, to keep the shape.

How to clean when baseball cap become yellow

  • Bleaching Method in Rice Water: Soak a yellowing baseball cap in rice washing water for half an hour, and you find the cap will magically turn white.
  • In fact, many vegetables and fruits are good bleach agents, such as lemon juice, turnip juice, spinach soup, and so on, which can be used to clean yellow stains on hats.
  • Chemical bleach washing method: Hydrogen peroxide is a good chemical bleach, and you can also use chemical bleach to wash baseball caps if yellow stains are difficult to remove.

How do you clean wool baseball caps?

  • Before washing, remove the dust.
  • Then soak it in cold water for 10-20 minutes. (because the wool fabric in an aqueous solution of more than 30 degrees, will shrink deformation, and should be soaked in cold water for a short time).
  • Then gently rub the hat in water with a cleaning solution, avoid vigorously rubbing. If you want to machine wash, choose light gear (washing temperature does not exceed 40 degrees);
  • Rinse well with water, remove and squeeze dry.

How to wash the woven cap?

  • First, pat the hat to remove the dust from it
  • Next, we’d better soak the hat in normal temperature water (less than 30°C, but not too cold) before washing, and add a little salt or vinegar to the hat, either of the two can be added, not too much. they will protect the wool gloss effect.
  • Then add a few neutral detergents again, soak for 15 minutes, after waiting for besmirching and fiber to soften thoroughly, can begin to clean.
  • In view of more stains, such as the top of the head of the future, you can use a soft brush gently scrub, strength must be soft again soft;
  • Finally, rinse with water until the foam is removed.
  • After cleaning, the most reliable way is to extrude the excess water, wrapped in a dry towel.

Have you learned how to clean and keep caps? If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We will share new tips with you next time, thanks.

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