Customized Non-Latex Makeup Sponge from China


Feature: The sponge size will double after if in wet condition

Product material: Non-latex, eco-friendly, skin-friendly

Customization possibilities: Product shape, color, size, material

Product dimensions: the size of the standard mold is 4*5.5cmH.

You can also choose other sizes or shapes from our stock.

We are also willing to open new mold for other shapes in your own design.

Product Details

The cutting edge is used to apply makeup on T-zone, eye area, lip, and other detailed areas. The curved surface is used to apply makeup on large curved areas, such as cheeks and neck.
The bottom side is used to apply makeup on the forehead and cheeks.

With the microcapsule event production technique, the sponge is soft and the surface is friendly to your skin. The excellent tearing resistance of the non-latex sponge makes the sponge reusable and durable.

It meets our environmentally friendly idea and is also suitable for our customers who care a lot for the environment. It is recommended to clean and wash the sponges after a few times uses for your skin health.


Wholesale Customized Makeup Sponge

Makeup Sponge

Makeup Sponge



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