OEM Face Cooling And Anti-wrinkle Ice Globes From China

Face Massaging Ice Globes Supplier

Item Weight: 88g

Product Dimensions: 50*16*135mm

MOQ: 1000sets(2PCS per set)

Product Material: premium glass handle&balls

with antifreeze liquid inside.

Product Details

Our ice globes are made of premium glass and non-toxic antifreeze liquid.

They are safe and unlikely to break with the below benefits:

Stimulate nerves to eliminate fine lines, tighten skin, and shrink pores. They help to restore your skin’s natural elasticity and smooth wrinkles. Stimulate blood circulation to help rid the skin of harmful chemicals and accelerate the absorption of essence.

Help to relieve the fatigue caused by overstress and help with the regeneration of skin cells and collagen. Help relieve headaches, muscle tension, sinus pain, and stress. The cooling massage will help you achieve relief and relaxation at home.


China Ice Globes Manufacturer

  • Custom colored liquid
  • Rebranding possibilities
  • Premium product packing
  • Strictly Selected Supplier Partners
  • Customization Possibilities


With a strong supplier chain, our suppliers are strictly selected, with high standards on quality, factory capacity, and good services. You are welcome to share with us your logo design and liquid design. Customed packing is also welcomed.


ice globes


ice globes


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