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Product Dimensions: Total length 16-18cm, handle dia 7-17mm

Product Material: Plastic handle, soft fiber brush hair, aluminum ferrule

Feature: Easy to carry with for daily use or travel use, handy and easy to use

Packages for the brush set: Paper box, transparent plastic box, PU pouch, window box

Product Details

You can have the handle, the brush hair, and the packages all in your own design. We also have our existing mold for your reference before making changes.

Set of brushes used for full-face:
Shadow brush, flat foundation brush, sweet stucco, powder paint, inclined foundation brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush, eye shadow brush, flat eye shadow brush, double-sided eyebrow brush. Free combination of brushes for either travel or daily makeup use.

Premium materials:
The brush hair is made from soft fiber, which is skin-friendly. We also use the high-quality coated wooden handle and aluminum ferrule to make the whole product look premium and durable.

For your skin health, it is suggested to clean and wash the brushes occasionally to keep them clean and keep the brush hair nice and neat. You can use a silicone brush cleansing bowl to clean and wash the brush.


Wholesale Makeup Brush Set

 Makeup Brush Set

 Makeup Brush Set

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