2023 Yiwu Ultimate Guide – Best 10 Yiwu Wholesale Markets Guide

Yiwu Wholesale Markets Guide

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If you are a businessman, the city you have to go to when you come to China must be Yiwu. As well known all over the world, Yiwu Trade City is a place full of opportunities, where you may encounter unexpected new styles, surprising prices, or unbelievably low MOQs.

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How to Get to The Yiwu

Yiwu’s transportation is very convenient. We recommend that foreign guests can come to Yiwu by plane, high-speed rail, etc.
Yiwu Airport has a number of direct routes to domestic cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. For details, please consult the customer service number of Yiwu Airport:0579-85669090
or booking website:https://www.trip.com/flights/airport-yiw/yiwu-airport/

Yiwu International Airport has international routes to Bangkok, Nha Trang, Cambodia, and Vladivostok (Vladivostok), Russia.


If you prefer taking the train to Yiwu, for example from Shanghai to Yiwu you need to take subway Line 2 to arrive at Hongqiao railway station ( terminal station) first, then buy a high-speed train ticket to Yiwu. The train leaves Shanghai every 5-10 minutes every day from 6:00 to 20:00, and it only takes 1.5 hours to the Yiwu market.

Restaurants and Hotels Near Yiwu Market

There are many hotels near the Yiwu market and the receptionists of star-rated hotels in Yiwu can speak English, so foreign guests can make reservations with confidence. If you need help with hotel reservations, please contact our company: jalyn@unionsource.com.cn, we have an agreement with the hotel to help you book a room that is cheaper than the retail price. Our service is free.

Below we recommend several star-rated hotels with better evaluations, with contact numbers and reference prices attached

Yiwu Marriott Hotel(5 Star)

Address: No. 188, Futian Road, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Tel : (0086)0579-81558888
Prices start at $73 per night

Yiwu Marriott Hotel

Yiwu Marriott Hotel is located in Yiwu’s central business district, a 10-minute walk from Yiwu International Trade City and Yiwu Futian Wetland Park. It features an on-site restaurant, free WiFi in all areas, and free private parking on site.

Every room at this hotel is air-conditioned and has a flat-screen TV. Some rooms feature a seating area for guests’ convenience. The room has a kettle and a private bathroom, with slippers and free toiletries provided.

The hotel has a 24-hour front desk.

Yiwu Marriott Hotel is a 20-minute drive from Yiwu Airport and Yiwu Railway Station. It is a 5-minute drive from New Passenger Transport Center and a 40-minute drive from Hengdian Film and Television City.

Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel(4 Star)

Room email reservation: reservation@bwoh.com
Official hotel website: www.bwoceanhotel.com
Prices start at $60 per night

Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel

Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel is a four-star luxury business hotel invested in and constructed by Zhejiang China Commodity City Group Co., Ltd.

The hotel is located in the center of the International Trade City and is connected to the market. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the markets in Districts 1, 2, and 3, it takes about 3 minutes to drive to the markets of Districts 4 and 5, and it takes about 5 minutes to drive to the International Expo Center. The hotel is adjacent to the bustling CBD of the Central Business District, with a bird’s-eye view of the wetland park. There is a special civil aviation line at the entrance to reach Yiwu Airport in about 30 minutes. The hotel is about 40 minutes drive from Hengdian Film and Television City.

Yiwu Wyndham Hotel (3 Star)

Address: District 2, No. 1167 Gongong North Road, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Tel : (0086)0579-85652888
Prices start at $47 per night

Yiwu Wyndham Hotel

Yiwu Wyndham International Hotel is a 20-minute drive from Yiwu Railway Station and Yiwu Airport. It is a 5-minute drive from Jiangbin Park and a 10-minute drive from Yiwu Museum.

Offering free Wi-Fi in all areas, Yiwu Wyndham International Hotel is a 10-minute walk from Yiwu International Trade Market. It offers buffet meals and free parking.

Guests can use the hotel’s meeting facilities, check emails in the business center, or rent a car to explore the city. In addition, the hotel provides room service, laundry, and ticketing services. The hotel provides an airport shuttle service at a fee.

All rooms come with a minibar, a flat-screen TV and a sofa. The en suite bathroom offers free toiletries, a hairdryer, and shower facilities.

Best 10 Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market (also known as China Small Commodity City) is located in Yiwu City, central Zhejiang Province. Founded in 1982, it is one of the earliest professional markets established in my country. Over the past 20 years, after four relocations and eight expansions, Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market now has a business area of more than 2.6 million square meters, more than 50,000 booths, 200,000 employees, and a daily passenger flow of more than 200,000. And it was awarded the honorary title of “Respecting Quality and Keeping Credit” by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine.

Yiwu International Trade Market

As one of China’s most famous Market for small commodities in the world, Yiwu attracts more and more importers all over the world. UNION SOURCE also provides Yiwu product sourcing service. In order to let more buyers know about Yiwu products, we will introduce the best 10 Yiwu wholesale markets in detail.

Yiwu International Trade Market has 5 districts, founded in 1982, is the biggest Yiwu Wholesale Markets, now has a business area of ​​more than 4.7 million square meters, 75,000 booths, including daily groceries, toys, clothing, jewelry, furniture, and home furnishing categories. It is an international small commodity circulation, information, and exhibition center. There is a well-known description of it: if you stop for three minutes at each booth, it will take you one year to visit the entire market.
Therefore, if you are visiting it for the first time, it is a better choice to have a guide or a clear map. Otherwise, you are likely to get lost in circles in the same area.
At the same time, except for the Spring Festival, the booth here is open every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm throughout the year. So you don’t have to worry about the time of the exhibition.

Yiwu International Trade Market
Yiwu International Trade Market

District 1:

The first floor is mainly engaged in flowers (simulation flowers), flower accessories, plush toys, inflatable toys, electric toys, and ordinary toys; the second floor is mainly engaged in headwear, jewelry; the third floor is mainly engaged in festive crafts, decorative crafts, porcelain crystal, Photo frames, and accessories; the fourth floor is the direct sales center for manufacturing enterprises. At present, there are special blocks such as the Taiwan Merchants Hall, Dehua District of the Southern Porcelain Capital, Shenzhen Original Gift District, etc., bringing together high-end domestic high-end craft ceramics, crystals, glaze, and other handicrafts manufacturers.

District 1 has an average daily passenger flow of more than 80,000 person-times, of which more than 3,000 are foreign businessmen. The export degree of products exceeds 70%, and more than 95% of the merchants undertake foreign trade business.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets
District 1

District 2:

The first-floor deals with luggage, umbrellas, ponchos, and bags; the second-floor deals with hardware tools, accessories, electrical products, locks, and vehicles; the third-floor deals with hardware kitchen and bathroom, small household appliances, telecommunications equipment, electronic instruments, clocks, etc.; the fourth floor Set up high-quality trading areas such as production enterprise direct sales center and local characteristic hall; set up foreign trade procurement service center on the fifth floor; centralized procurement center on the second and third floors of the central hall of the market.

istrict 2
District 2

District 3:

The first-floor deals with pen and ink supplies, paper products, and glasses; the second-floor deals with office and school supplies and sports and leisure products/sports equipment; the third-floor deals with cosmetics, zippers, buttons, and clothing accessories; the fourth floor is the direct sales center for production enterprises; the fifth-floor deals with painting business (Decorative paintings, photo frame accessories and processing machinery).

District 3
District 3

District 4:

The first floor of the market deals with socks; the second-floor deals with daily necessities, gloves, hats, and other knitted cotton; the third-floor deals with footwear, cords, laces, ties, wool, and towels; the fourth-floor deals with bras, underwear, belts, and scarves; On the fifth floor, there is a direct sales center for production enterprises and a tourist shopping center.

District 4
District 4

District 5:

It has more than 7,000 booths, mainly engaged in imported commodities, bedding, textiles, knitting raw materials, auto supplies and accessories, and other industries. The market has a dedicated service area for online merchants.

District 5
District 5

Huangyuan Clothing Market

Huangyuan Clothing Market
Huangyuan Clothing Market

Address: Intersection of Jiangbin Middle Road and Huangyuan Road
Opening Time: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Huangyuan clothing market was officially opened in May 2011, with a total construction area of more than 420,000 square meters. It has become the largest professional clothing market and Yiwu wholesale market in central Zhejiang Province. It has innovated and improved in many aspects to increase its market competitiveness. Compared with other old clothing markets in the past, it is more modern and adopts a sales model that combines wholesale and retail and optimizes product categories. At the same time, it has attracted many well-known national brands. Setting up an exhibition hall inside also adds many highlights to it.

Huangyuan clothing market is positioned as a professional clothing market, which is in line with the development trend of market internationalization, branding, and diversification, which is conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of the Yiwu clothing market and promoting professional and large-scale development. In order to optimize the layout of the industry, strengthen the competitiveness, highlight the advantages of scale, and highlight the market opportunities, the 1-5 floors of Huangyuan Garment Market are arranged for men’s clothing, leather clothing; women’s clothing; children’s clothing; jeans and trousers; pajamas, sweaters, sportswear, and shirts 5 business categories.

Huangyuan Market has 8 floors and it is located at the intersection of Huangyuan Road and Jiangbin Middle Road. Under the geographical advantage of Yiwu International Trade City, more and more foreign businessmen have gradually begun to know about this market, and the market export rate has increased year by year. At the same time, the continuous development of Huangyuan’s clothing market has helped Yiwu to form a clothing industry base. Yiwu’s industrial advantages complement each other and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results with foreign buyers.

Yiwu Furniture Market

Yiwu Furniture Market
Yiwu Furniture Market

Address: No. 1779, Xicheng Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Opening Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm
Yiwu Furniture Market is located in the west of Yiwu and is the only official exclusive approved by the Yiwu Municipal Government. It covers an area of about 160,000 square meters and has an investment of more than 300 million RMB. It is currently the largest modern furniture market in Zhejiang Province.

In this market, whether you are retail or wholesale, whether you are purchasing low-grade, mid-grade, or high-grade products, there is always a suitable booth in the market to support you. The basement floor mainly sells office furniture and wooden sofas at relatively advantageous prices. The sofas, rattan art, and glass furniture on the first floor will be relatively better and correspondingly more expensive in terms of material and price.
The second floor sells mainly modern model home decoration and children’s suites, the third floor is mainly European-style, classical, mahogany, and solid wood furniture, and the furniture on the fourth floor has the highest quality and the most expensive price; the fifth floor is for the business area and home improvement space.
Yiwu Furniture Market has introduced the best business households in Yiwu Xinke Road Furniture Market, Zhanqian Road Professional Street, and Farmers’ City, and introduced 50%-60% of China’s first-line furniture brands.

International Production Material Market

International Production Material Market
International Production Material Market

Address: Chouzhou North Rd.
Opening Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

On November 19, 2013, Yiwu International Production Materials Market was officially opened. The total market area is about 13 square kilometers, with a construction area of 750,000 square meters, with five floors above ground and one underground floor.
The main products here are creative decorations, lamps, household appliances, artificial flowers, leather, sewing machines, hotel equipment, electronic machinery equipment, injection molding machines, ribbon looms, printing and packaging machines, plastic pellets, PEOP, etc. It is also a center for lighting products and leather goods.

Construction Material Market

Address: No.199 of Xicheng Road
Opening Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Now it is the largest building materials market in Yiwu that sells steel bars, plates, and hardware accessories. The market has about 350 booths. The market mainly provides aluminum, granite, ceramics, sanitary ware, stainless steel, plumbing pipes, glass, lamps, hardware, steel, and other commodities. Since its completion in November 1994, it has developed into a distribution center for architectural decoration materials and aluminum, stone, and ceramic products in Zhejiang.

Zhezhong Timber Market

Zhezhong Timber Market
Zhezhong Timber Market

Address: No.266, Xicheng Road
Opening Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm
This market is synonymous with the largest and highest grade of timber and related accessories.
It is also the best place to source a wide range of building materials, including wood for flooring and other infrastructure.

Specialized Street

Not all suppliers can own booths in these buildings in the trade city, so some suppliers choose to come to some streets to set up their shops. There are many such streets in Yiwu, I will only give a few examples: Wuai Road, Meihu Road; Intersection of Chengbei Road, and Chouzhou North Road; No.247, Chengzhong North Road; Near No.16, Zhaozhai Street 2 and No.601, Chouzhou North Road…
Even though the cost of the booth on street is lower than that of the booth in the building, you may have more surprises when you visit.

Yiwu’s professional street is a unique feature, as there are not enough stalls in the market for merchants to use, so people choose to operate outside the market. As more and more business owners choose to do so, it gradually forms a specialized street for each product. Now it has become an integral part of Yiwu’s commercial business.

Digital Market

Digital Market
Digital Market

Address: No.238, Binwang Road
Opening Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

The digital market in Yiwu is the largest place for sourcing cell phones, computers, LEDs, and a variety of tech equipment.
In most instances, businesses in the digital market tend to focus on retail for individual usage rather than a wholesale business.

Yiwu Stock Market

Stock are those that have been manufactured by the factory in more quantities than ordered and are of the same quality but at a better price.
If you come to Yiwu to purchase goods, don’t forget to visit the stock market, which is located at the junction of Jiangdong Middle Road and Binwang Road in Wu’ai City. This can be regarded as an industrial chain hidden behind the huge trading in Yiwu.

Yiwu Night Market

Yiwu’s night market is also a major feature, with a dazzling array of small commodities, as well as many delicious specialty snacks. It is usually open from 6pm to 3am.
Most of them do not have legal business licenses, so they also sell imitations of some well-known brands. But be sure to haggle when shopping at night markets, as all the vendors are offering prices that are not necessarily their best deals. In fact, after haggling, you can get items for far less than their original offer.

The Best Time to Visit Yiwu Market

Yiwu Market is like a large-scale exhibition that is open all year round. There are no weekends. During the Spring Festival, it will be closed for about half a month, and at other times, it will be open all year round.

Opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 17:00 in the afternoon.
If you go to the market, it is recommended to arrive at 9:00 in winter, and 8:30 in other seasons. It is too early to go, and many stores are not open.

Every year during the Spring and Autumn Canton Fair, many foreign friends will choose to fly from Guangzhou to the Yiwu market to buy products. After the Hong Kong Gift Fair every year, many guests will visit, and there are many foreign guests in the market during this time.

What Type of Products Can You Buy in Yiwu?

As Yiwu market is one of the biggest wholesale markets in the world, and there are over 75000 suppliers from district 1 to district 5. And the suppliers keep updating the products to follow the trends,  to make it easy for you to search for products in Yiwu Market and save time. Here below will show some hot-selling series in a different districts.

District 1

– Artificial flowers

– Toys

– Art Crafts

image 4
image 3
image 5
image 6

District 2


-Beach items


image 9
image 10
image 11

District 3

-Sport items

-Office Supply


image 12
image 14
image 15

District 4




image 16
image 17
image 18

District 5


-Hotel items


image 20
image 19

Important Things You Must Know About Yiwu Wholesale Market

Yiwu Wholesale Market

Does Yiwu Only Make Small Commodities?

Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market started with small commodities, but after decades of development, Yiwu Small Commodity Market has covered almost all industries and products. Experts say that if you can’t find goods in Yiwu Small Commodity Market, other markets do not. Go; if you can’t find goods in other wholesale markets, go to Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market.

In the past, most of the main products in the Yiwu market were low-grade and cheap products. In the past ten years, the Yiwu market has been insisting on guiding enterprises to take the road of quality, and actively encouraging and supporting enterprises to take the road of branding. Yiwu market has gotten rid of the hat of poor quality.

Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market is an early name, it was called Yiwu Small Commodity City at first, then it was called Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market, and later it was called Yiwu International Trade City, which is the current name. The name change is a microcosm of Yiwu’s development history. Founded in 1982, Yiwu Market is one of the earliest professional wholesale markets established in my country.

Why is the Price of Yiwu Market so Cheap?

Because everyone here only does wholesale, not retail, everyone relies on large quantities to receive orders, and many of them are shipped by the whole cabinet. In the past ten years, due to the development of e-commerce in Yiwu, some factories and booths are also supplying e-commerce and providing services in small batches.

What is the Difference Between Yiwu and Other Chinese Cities?

As an international trade city, Yiwu has a lot of foreign population. Because of the large number of foreigners who come to do business, there are not a few people who come to Yiwu for business cooperation, so most of the time Yiwu is a bustling and busy city.

To put it simply, China’s small commodity market is the gene of Yiwu city. What distinguishes Yiwu from other big cities is that it is both “civilized” and “international”. The strong commercial atmosphere and lively atmosphere are the charms of Yiwu. When you come, you don’t want to leave.

When it comes to Yiwu, people usually don’t talk about its international and domestic label definition but split up their impressions, such as: first, Yiwu has more commodities and more goods; second, there are more foreigners and more foreign trade companies; Third, the logistics are developed, the freight is cheap, and the delivery is guaranteed.

Are the Yiwu Market Booths All Factories?

Yiwu Market contains thousands of suppliers and sells products to customers all over the world. Suppliers represent factories from all over China, and although many are located near Yiwu, Zhejiang, many will accept custom orders for specific products in addition to the many products they already manufacture. There are factories behind every booth, but some booths are middlemen rather than direct factories, and they all have abundant supply channels.

Are Yiwu Products of Poor Quality as Alleged?

Some analysts on the internet declare that all Yiwu products are of poor quality, hence they can not be exported to the United States. This is not real because of the following factors:

Yiwu product does not suggest “Made in Yiwu”. As discussed earlier, Chinese products have enterprise zones where they are produced from. Many products offered in Yiwu are made in other leading production locations and they are just availed in Yiwu for sale.

One of the leading 3 exporting nations from Yiwu is the U.S. Lots of premium products are exported from China to the U.S every year. Yiwu also has some budget products which target establishing countries, but it’s not true to say that all Yiwu products are not of good quality.

Many Christmas products are produced in Yiwu, but you will also discover suppliers in places like Shenzhen and other locations. Nevertheless, the Shenzen supplier may play a technique by not telling you that the products were produced in Yiwu, or even he/she might declare that what they sell is better than that made in Yiwu.

Is Yiwu Wholesale Market only Suitable for Small Companies?

Many short articles on the internet are saying that the Yiwu market is only appropriate for small companies, and Shenzhen or other huge cities are much better for huge orders. The fact is that you will not discover a market with a MOQ that’s higher than that of the markets in Yiwu.

For those people who want to buy one product from $1000 or more to 2-3 containers, this is the best place to source them. It’s rather challenging to persuade the booth to sell one or two cartons for one item, as this quantity is really less than their MOQ.

Generally, every product in any market needs preparation. Some of them tend to have area products that you can purchase in little amounts. However, there are 2 conditions that you must consider before buying spot items.

Area goods can not be altered. All the colors, designs, and logos, as well as product packaging, remain the same as the samples that you see in the cubicle. If you desire tailored products, you will need to buy in large quantities. Due to the fact that spot items are already manufactured, their basic or style is not current, thus they are not appropriate for fashion products.

How Can Find Yiwu Wholesale Market Agent?

Finding a good agency out of hundreds and building a trusted relationship with them is crucial. If you choose a bad agency, it can cause irreversible damage to your business.

Importers who purchase from Yiwu, China all want to have an excellent agent to help them deal with procurement, inspection and delivery. An excellent Yiwu agent can help you solve many problems, so how to distinguish whether a Yiwu agent is excellent?

Have a Legally Registered Company

First of all, qualified Yiwu agents must be legally registered companies and have at least one office. Many powerful agents have offices in many cities in China and even abroad. Check and copy their company ID, tax registration and business license to make sure they are legally registered in Yiwu, Zhejiang or China.

The number of employees and office space an agency has is also a manifestation of its strength.

Stable Supply Chain

Supply chain management handles the entire production process of a good or service, maximizing quality, speed of delivery, customer experience and profitability.

A company that can better and more effectively manage its supply chain can better protect its business reputation and long-term sustainability.

Professional Service Team

Professional service staff means having professional product cheese and keen market insights. Through talking with you and understanding your company, he can quickly understand your air interface needs and give professional advice.

Of course, a good foreign trade agency employee must have good communication skills, and can quickly and efficiently reply to your information, answer your doubts, and deal with your problems by email or phone.

Adequate Capital Reserves and a Certain Ability to Withstand Market Pressure

The market environment is changeable. If a purchasing agent wants to exist in the market for a long time and stably, it must have sufficient capital reserves and a certain ability to resist market pressure.

Sufficient funds are the biggest advantage of enterprise competition because sufficient funds are one of the effective guarantees for the smooth operation of enterprises and play a fundamental role. The reason why businesses are running is because of the constant flow of funds.

How to Deal with Yiwu Market Suppliers?

Many importers think it is difficult to deal with suppliers. Especially when dealing with Chinese suppliers. Negotiating with suppliers is one of the best ways to reduce expenses, so you can get lower prices, lower costs, and obtain higher profits. However, communication skills with suppliers are the key to achieving cooperation with suppliers. These supplier negotiation strategies will help retailers understand how to make the most of their supplier relationships and obtain long-term cooperation.

 Deal with Suppliers

Select a Vendor That Sells Specialty Categories

Some stall vendors in Yiwu Market sell a mix of different categories of products, while others only sell a single category. If you’re looking for a professional supplier, choose a booth that sells a single category.

Booths that sell different categories of products can quote you on many different types of products. Such suppliers are more familiar with a wide variety of products and usually have many cooperative factories. However, compared to suppliers who only sell one type, they sell more The supplier of this product is not so professional.

Make Sure to Check the Product Quality

When you’re ready to make bulk purchases from Yiwu market suppliers, it’s best to make sure that the bulk products are also produced in the same and high quality as the sample products.

Our warehouse is equipped with a number of professional inspectors, who will inspect the goods from various dimensions such as color, size, and weight to confirm that customers can receive satisfactory products.

Tips for Negotiating Prices with Suppliers

Before meeting with suppliers, you should know the market price of the product online. It is the prerequisite for you to negotiate the price with the supplier.

Before discussing the price, it is best to understand the authority of the other party. Generally speaking, price negotiation will have level requirements, but to effectively complete the price negotiation and shorten the price negotiation process, try to negotiate directly with the person in charge of the other party.

Don’t always focus on the price when negotiating, because negotiating prices puts you at a disadvantage. You need negotiation skills, such as our company’s later scale, many projects, and large transaction volume. You need to express the idea of pursuing long-term cooperation and win-win cooperation, which gives the supplier the hope of long-term benefits. In this way, suppliers will be happy to cooperate with low volumes or prices.

Our Suggestions About Buying From Yiwu Market

In order for you to purchase the products you need from the Yiwu market better and more smoothly, we give the following suggestions:

Plan Your Itinerary in Advance and Choose a Product That Meets Your Requirements

Choosing the right product. this is much more difficult than simply picking the cheapest item or the highest-priced item. Some guidelines to follow when selecting a product include:

· Choose your favorite product. Enthusiasm motivates you, it’s contagious, and it’s easier for others to like your product when they see your enthusiasm.

· Consider shipping costs. Products that can be shipped in bulk are likely to be much cheaper than those that cannot. Carefully consider the size of your product and how much you can carry in one shipment.

· Consider the uniqueness of the project. If you make a product that isn’t that unique, you run the risk that someone else has already started mass-producing it.

Learn and Understand the Professional Knowledge of Related Products in Advance

Before you buy a product and place an order, you’d better have known the relevant professional knowledge of this type of product, such as product characteristics, material usage methods and market development potential.

Focus on Product Quality

While we encourage you to shop around for a better purchase price, you need to focus more on the quality of the product than the price. Be sure to compare the size of the product, the weight and the difference in raw materials, so as to choose a product with good cost performance.

Do As the Romans Do, Pay Attention to the Local Holiday Time

Before visiting Yiwu Market, be sure to check the holiday time in China to avoid the embarrassing situation you go to the market but the stalls are not open.

Be Vigilant, Don’t Be Greedy for Petty Gains

Some agents claim a service fee of 1% commission, most of which is not true, just to attract your attention, you must know that general agents need to charge 3-5% commission to ensure the normal operation of the company.

How to Ship Products from Yiwu Market to your Country?

Yiwu is a city with very developed logistics and transportation networks. You can choose to ship to your country in many ways. In general, there is express delivery, air transportation, and shipping.

Ship Products

Express delivery

It is the fastest shipping of domestic or cross-border goods, and many e-commerce customers prefer this logistics mode because the goods will be delivered to your address within 5-7 days from the date of purchase. Although the fastest, it’s also the most expensive, and we recommend this method for shipping small, lightweight valuables like watches, accessories, or electronics.


Air transportation and sea transportation are the current mainstream choices, but there are big differences between the two methods, including timeliness, services, tariffs, customs clearance methods, etc. Below, we will introduce the specific differences between the two methods in detail.

  • 1) Shipping Method

There is a big difference between international air freight and international sea freight. International air transport is based on the airline’s aviation aircraft as a means of transportation, and the operation mode is from airport to airport. International shipping, on the other hand, uses the ships of shipping companies as means of transportation, and the mode of operation is port-to-port.

  • 2) Transport Subject

The main bodies of international air transport are major airlines and logistics companies, such as Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, etc. The goods are transported to the designated destinations through these international air transports; the main bodies of international shipping are the major shipping companies. , such as Maersk, Evergreen, etc., the goods are delivered to the designated destination through these shipping companies.

  • 3) Logistics Timeliness

Due to the difference in the means of transportation between the two, there are great differences in the logistics timeliness when they arrive in the same country. International air transport uses aircraft, which is fast, while international shipping uses ships, which is slow. For example, for the US special line, it takes 3-5 days to choose international air transportation under normal circumstances, while it takes 30-35 days for international shipping, and sometimes it will take longer.

  • 4) Logistics Costs

There is also a big difference between international air freight and international sea freight. Although air freight is fast in logistics, the transportation cost is high, so the tariff is relatively expensive. International shipping, on the other hand, has low transportation costs and strong carrying capacity, so tariffs are relatively low.

  • 5) Inspection Method

International shipping sometimes has to pick up and unpack boxes, which is time-consuming and costly; inspection fees may be incurred, and there may also be loading and unloading fees, trailer fees, etc.; while international air transportation is inspected, the principle of “inspect first and then enter the warehouse” is implemented, which is fast and fast. Generally, there is no inspection fee.

  • 6) Customs Clearance Method

Although there is not much difference in the customs clearance process between international air freight and international sea freight, there is a big difference in the time limit for customs clearance. International air freight clearance is usually done within 1-2 days, while international shipping takes about 3-4 days. In addition, in terms of miscellaneous fees, declaration documents, etc., international air freight is less than sea freight. For example, when exporting to the United States, sea freight needs to declare AMS (American Anti-Terrorism Manifest System), but air freight does not.

Rail transport

Choosing to use rail transport will reduce your costs and save you a lot of time; however, you will need to use the rail from Yiwu to Madrid. It goes through countries like Russia, Poland, Germany, and France, so if you’re from any of these countries, you can cut costs by rail.

Conclusion: Each shipping method has advantages and disadvantages. However, it depends on your item, how much you want to spend, and how long it takes to ship. Whichever method you choose, be sure to check with your supplier and shipping company to ensure your shipment is in good condition and safe to ship.

What Can Yiwu Sourcing Agents Do for Me?

yiwu sourcing agent1

Why Do You Need a Yiwu Sourcing Agent?

If you want to source goods from China, having an agent will make all the steps easy because the agent will solve most of the problems in China for you, including but not limited to payment, inspection, and shipping these steps…

Yiwu is a world-famous city for grocery markets, where you can find almost everything you want.

If you cannot come to China

As we all know, because of the COVID-19 situation, many foreign buyers cannot come to China. If you cannot come to China in person, the Yiwu agent can find products for you in the Yiwu market and recommend them to you according to your needs. Sometimes you want to see more new arrivals by yourself, the Yiwu agent can use the mobile phone live broadcast to take you to visit the market and check the product details.

If you can visit China

Yiwu market is one of the biggest wholesale markets in the world, and there are over 75000 suppliers in districts 1-5 of the Yiwu market. If you want to visit China but do not clearly know about the Yiwu market, having an agent will make everything easier. The Chinese agent will check flights, hotels, and pick-up vehicles for you, and will also take you to visit the market, avoiding confusion on the itinerary and unfamiliarity with the market and finding the goods you want.

And in the Yiwu market, not all the suppliers can understand English or another language, if you have an agent, you don’t need to find a translator by yourself, because usually, the salespersons of the agency company are proficient in English, and some salespersons are proficient in Spanish, German and other languages.

What Services Do Yiwu Agents Offer?

order follow-up

Once all details of your order are confirmed, the supplier will start producing the product for you. Next is monitoring and tracking your order during production. In order to ensure that the output will not go wrong, we usually go to the supplier’s factory to check the products during the production process.

Sometimes the production of an order takes one to two months. It is unrealistic for customers to stay in China and wait for orders to be fulfilled. Have an agent who can check the quality of the goods for you, confirm the pre-production samples, and follow up on the progress of the goods. If the customer needs it, we can also send samples to the customer for confirmation before mass production.

Collect, inspect and load

If your order comes from different suppliers and you plan to ship at the same time, the delivery time of the goods is different, and not all suppliers are willing to store the goods for you for a long time. And when you plan to load the goods, it is very difficult to have all the factories send goods to the port separately or ask the container driver to collect goods from factories one by one.

Usually, the container driver will only go to one site to load all products at one time. So it is important to have a warehouse. But Renting a warehouse by yourself in China costs too much. In contrast, using your agent’s warehouse to save these troubles seems a better choice. As a professional agent in Yiwu, we have several warehouses to prepare customers’ goods before shipping. And we will collect goods, inspect and store them for you. More importantly, you don’t have to pay separately for our warehouse because our commission already includes this, and it is way cheaper than renting a warehouse by yourself. 

Another good advantage to having a warehouse is we can inspect your products conveniently. As mentioned above, we have already finished order tracking for quality. After the goods are delivered to our warehouse, we can double-check and confirm the quality for you to make sure the goods are completely the same as in your contract.

Customs declaration and clearance

After inspecting the goods, we will arrange for workers to load the container for you. we book vessel schedules and arrange containers (FCL) or send FCL to the loading port for China declaration. Once we finish FCL and LCL to the loading port in China, the last procedure is to declare China customs. This procedure is more about documents. As a trusted Yiwu Market Sourcing Agency, we will submit invoices, packing lists, contracts, bills of entry, etc. Once China customs checks and approves our customs documents, your goods are ready on board to ship to your country.

As an importer, you will also need to clear customs after your FCL or LCL arrives at the discharge port in your country. As a professional Yiwu Market Sourcing Agency, we will send you customs clearance documents. Such as invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, certificates of origin, and other necessary documents. This way, you could clear customs, pay import duty, and release your goods from your country’s customs department.

How Much is Yiwu Sourcing Agent Commission?


First of all, according to the different services you need, the corresponding purchasing agent commission is different. The cost of a Yiwu purchasing agent depends on whether you need one or more services. Generally speaking, the cost of purchasing agents includes finding and identifying suitable suppliers, purchasing, placing orders, paying, receiving goods, inspecting goods and loading containers, and making customs clearance documents, etc.

one-time fee

Sourcing agent fees can be one-time, for example, if you hire a professional purchasing agent in Guangzhou, China, the following services need to pay a one-time fee:

Find the right supplier

Audit company qualification

Product Inspection or Inspection

Help you verify whether the supplier is a direct factory or a trader

talk to suppliers


They generally charge a fee in the form of a commission for an order that you ask a buying agent to place for you. They usually ask for a 5% commission, which is not fixed but can range from 3% to 10% of the total value depending on the specific circumstances of your purchase.

To know that you get what you pay for, it is recommended to avoid cooperating with some agents who offer zero commission for the first order, so that you can find a more stable supplier supply chain. Of course, in order to strive for a more reasonable procurement cost, you can negotiate commission fees with the agent based on the price and quantity of the order.

Do Yiwu Sourcing Agents Offer Quality Inspection Services?

businessman ge8f47afe2 640

This depends on whether you are looking for a one-time single-service agent or an agent who charges a commission for a full-process service.

If the agent you are looking for, only paid for him to find a high-quality supplier, and you placed the order with the supplier yourself, then you need to find a professional inspection company to help you check whether the quality of the goods is qualified.

However, purchasing agencies in Yiwu generally provide full-process services. For example, if you paid the commission of 5% for the agent, then the inspection service must have been included. Of course, for the insurance period, it is recommended that you not only determine the commission ratio with the agent before confirming the cooperation but also confirm with them that the services they can provide specifically include those aspects.

How Can You Find a Reliable/trustworthy Yiwu Agent?

In this article, we’ll talk about the 7 ways to find the right Yiwu Sourcing agent.

– Google

When looking for something online, the first thing that comes to our mind is the search engine, and Google is the best place to search. Either way, Google will provide you with useful information and select the best sites where you can find Yiwu agents and contact information. If you want to find a purchasing agent in Yiwu, just search “Yiwu agent” in Google and you can get the website list information of different foreign trade agent companies.

– Yiwu Fair

Besides looking for agents or companies online, you can also visit trade fairs in Yiwu or other cities where you can find agent information. If you decide to buy and import products from Yiwu, you can go to Yiwu Fair, Canton Fair, Hong Kong Fair and other trade fairs in other cities, you can talk to the agents directly at the fairs to learn about their service models and charging standards Wait.

– Social Media

51% of online visitors currently rely on social media as a source to find the content they need, and social media (take Facebook as an example) can provide instant resources faster than any Companies connecting and communicating easily are also a way to verify and determine the accuracy of the information for any company you want to work with. Commonly used social media are Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Chinese people use WeChat more often.

-Freight Forwarding

As we all know, the indispensable link between import and export is transportation, and transportation is divided into various channels: sea, air, land, etc. Many well-known freight forwarders have offices in China, and they know the strength of some Chinese foreign trade companies. So if you know the freight forwarder, you can also get some Yiwu agent information through them.

-Friend introduction

If you have some friends or relatives who are engaged in import and export business, then they must have certain agency information and freight forwarding information in their hands. And if you and your friends both work with the same company, then you can negotiate more reasonable commissions.

-Customs Data

Customs data refers to the real document records extracted from the “customs bills, bills of lading, and commodity inspections” of the customs of various countries in the world. With customs data, you can find sellers, learn about competitors, and more. Customs data can be said to be an essential trade assistance tool for import and export enterprises.

-Airport, hotel advertising

Powerful Yiwu agency companies will choose to place long-term publicity advertisements in international trade cities, airports, hotels and other places with high passenger traffic. When you visit Yiwu and don’t know where to contact the Yiwu agent, you might as well write down the contact information on these advertisements and try to get in touch. If you are already in Yiwu, then I suggest that you must visit their company when you choose an agent. You can look at the scale and sample room of the agency company. Seeing is believing, and the promotional information written in the advertisement is not necessarily real.

However, it must be understood that “China’s best Yiwu agent” is a very vague occupational title, and almost anyone can “claim” to be the best Yiwu agent.

Therefore, you need to make an informed decision when choosing this agent, otherwise, you may lose far more than his commission amount. Therefore, after quoting from different agents, you need to compare the scope of services, whether you have professional import and export knowledge and experience, whether you have a legally registered company, etc. I wish everyone can find a reliable agent and business is booming with the help of the agent.

Will the Yiwu Agent Facilitate Shipping from China?

pexels pixabay 2623531

More than 90% of Yiwu’s export commodities are exported through coastal ports such as Ningbo and Shanghai, or exported by road, and a small part of commodities are exported by air.

Since the reform and opening up, Yiwu has benchmarked international development and has now become an important global trade hub. Yiwu’s geographical advantages make it very developed in air, sea, railway and other forms of transportation, forming a convenient global logistics network, which brings great convenience to cross-border transactions.

Can Yiwu Agent Help You Negotiate Prices in Yiwu Market?

As a Yiwu Market Sourcing Agency, we clearly understand the goal for customers who visit the Yiwu market is to get the best wholesale price for their products. As a professional Yiwu Market Sourcing Agency, we have extensive experience in negotiating with suppliers to get the best price for customers. Chinese suppliers and we share the same background in nature, culture, and psychology. Without a doubt, we know what Chinese suppliers are thinking logically, which gives us a good advantage in negotiating prices with Chinese suppliers for you.

For example, if you want only one carton of goods, but the supplier told you the MOQ is 10 ctn’s, we can negotiate with the supplier and explain to them you want it as a trial order and if it sells well in your market, you will place a bulk order in the near future. Or maybe we have other customers who usually take goods from the booth, then they will most likely agree to sell you a carton. The suppliers are always willing to support old customers.

Union source co.,ltd established in 2005. As one of the biggest general merchandise suppliers from NINGBO China. products Various from Houseware/Kitchenware/Garden items/Outdoor& Camping/Toys/Gifts/Parties & Festival/Stationery/Hardware& Tools/Pet items/ DIY & Souvenir etc.

our team

Around 200 professional teamers, including the sales department/ buying department/documents department/QC department/ Designer department/ HR department/IT department; More than 50000 direct factory resources, Most of them don’t have the export right and rely on our exporting, some factory we have shareholder, so always we could get competitive price; 11000m2 Showroom Both in NINGBO /YIWU /SHANTOU Operation Center; 50000m² SEPARATE warehouse for goods storage, third party inspection; container loading.


Conclusion: When you come to Yiwu, you will be surprised by its huge Yiwu international trade market. Yiwu international market sells almost all kinds of small commodities, creating a global market for buyers from all over the world. In this article, we introduced the top 10 wholesale markets in Yiwu where you can find the most complete categories of goods at the best price. Finally, if you are going to visit the major markets in Yiwu, don’t forget to prepare everything, such as hotel options, tour routes, and payment methods. Hope you can get a lot of what you want in Yiwu Market!

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