1Pcs Wholesale 120ml Glass Baby Bottle

Type: Baby Bottle
Color: As the picture show
Material: Glass
MOQ: 200pcs each pattern
Sample: Available

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Safe and Durable Material:

Highlight the use of high-quality, non-toxic glass material that ensures the safety of the baby and
offers durability for long-term use.


Specify the 120ml capacity, indicating that the bottle is designed to hold a moderate amount of liquid
suitable for feeding infants and young babies.

Baby bottle

Easy-to-Clean Design:

the ease of cleaning and sterilizing the glass bottle, making it a convenient and hygienic choice for
parents and caregivers.

Baby bottle



the bottle’s heat-resistant properties, allowing it to be used with warm liquids or in bottle warmers
without compromising its integrity.


a versatile option, suitable for both breast milk and formula feeding, catering to the varying needs of

Design Aesthetic:

the aesthetic appeal of the glass baby bottle, whether it features a classic, modern, or minimalist design,
and how it complements the overall baby care routine.

Baby bottle

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