4 Tips for dealing with Yiwu market suppliers

dealing with Yiwu market suppliers

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Many importers think it is difficult to deal with suppliers. Especially when dealing with Chinese suppliers. Negotiating with suppliers is one of the best ways to reduce expenses, so you can get lower prices, lower costs, and obtain higher profits. However, communication skills with suppliers are the key to achieving cooperation with suppliers.

In this article, we will give you 4 tips for dealing with suppliers in the Yiwu market. You will understand how to deal with suppliers by maintaining communication and using skills reasonably. These supplier negotiation strategies will help retailers understand how to make the most of their supplier relationships and obtain long-term cooperation.

Choose specialized product suppliers

As one of the largest markets in the world, different regions have different products, and specific streets have certain product lines.

You can see there are many vendors selling various product categories in the Yiwu market. But usually, they purchase from low-priced suppliers and then resell them. To help you save time and money, you can choose to trust suppliers of specialized product categories. The prices are relatively cheaper, and the quality is better. Additionally, they are very familiar with the product categories they operate and can help you answer some questions about the product.

Always confirm the quality of the products

You must emphasize your demand for product quality to your suppliers, especially when you order in bulk. You can also request samples from the supplier, insisting that you expect the quality of the ordered product to be the same as the quality of the sample. Never assume that the sample must be exactly the same as the product you received. You need to carefully check and confirm the product quality with the supplier at any time.

Find a translator or agency for complex information

Although the Yiwu market is one of China’s largest foreign trade markets, there are also many businesses that do not speak English. If you only need to communicate with the supplier simply, you can use translation software. You need to point out the product you want to buy with your finger. Once you choose it, the supplier will tell you the price in RMB with the help of a calculator. Please note that the supplier only accepts RMB, not U.S. dollars.

If you have special needs, want to negotiate prices with suppliers, or have some complicated communication, I suggest you find a reliable translator who can help you simplify communication with suppliers and obtain important product and price information. Sometimes because of language barriers, you may pay more for the products you need. Mastering Chinese or looking for a translation is the main factor in your cooperation. But you should remember that once you leave the market, the translator will not help you check the quality, order, or delivery.

If you want to buy goods in bulk and want to ensure quality and deliver them to the destination, you need a purchasing agent at this time. The procurement agent will handle all matters involving procurement and export, not only translation support but even customized products. If you need the best Chinese sourcing agent, please contact us. Therefore, you need to confirm your requirements, whether you need a translation or a purchasing agent.

Tips for negotiating prices with suppliers

Before meeting with suppliers, you should know the market price of the product online. It is the prerequisite for you to negotiate the price with the supplier.

Before discussing the price, it is best to understand the authority of the other party. Generally speaking, price negotiation will have level requirements, but to effectively complete the price negotiation and shorten the price negotiation process, try to negotiate directly with the person in charge of the other party.

Don’t always focus on the price when negotiating, because negotiating prices puts you at a disadvantage. You need negotiation skills, such as our company’s later scale, many projects, and large transaction volume. You need to express the idea of pursuing long-term cooperation and win-win cooperation, which gives the supplier the hope of long-term benefits. In this way, suppliers will be happy to cooperate with low volumes or prices.

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