How To Choose The Right Ceramic Vase Supplier?

Ceramic Vase Supplier

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Modern people are more spiritually enriched and bloggers put a lot of thought into embellishing their homes and sharing them on online media, which has driven many people to imitate them. Gradually home decoration is becoming more and more popular in our daily lives. Among them, ceramic vases occupy a large proportion, and as a representative product of China, a large number of ceramic ones are sold overseas and enter people’s lives heavily. However, due to the asymmetry of information, most buyers buy ceramic vases of not very good quality, so how do we buy ceramic vases, we generally recommend that you pay attention to some of the following aspects.

Pay attention to the quality of porcelain

Porcelain as a work of art is a pursuit of perfection but never achieve absolute perfection of goods. Therefore the degree of imperfection is what needs to be focused on. Vases of porcelain are perfect are few, most of them have some black spots, missing glaze or that kind of defect. For crafts, imperfection is an advantage, which means that each ceramic vase you receive is unique. We recommend that buyers need to be clear about their knowledge of ceramic vases, that they order samples in advance to check quality, and that they use the samples as a quality check for larger shipments. On the other hand, buyers should take more into account the manufacturing standards of the factory, the inspection standards for each batch, and the factory’s ability to deal with problems and the degree of cooperation.

Focus on the taste of the merchant

Porcelain is an elegant commodity, and even if it is just a practical object, it often has a lot of cultural connotations and aesthetic appeal. We advise buyers to pick a supplier based on the market you are selling to. Different suppliers may have different styles of products, for example a supplier with a small, fresh style of shop may be more adept at the European and American markets. On the other hand, you should also pay attention to whether the vendor has expert knowledge of the product in reserve, the number of new products introduced each month, whether they can be customised, etc. You should focus on observing the merchant: how the goods on the shelves are selected whether there is a certain taste there is no overall style.

Focus on the company’s professionalism

Porcelain is fragile goods, so packaging, transport, etc. are more delicate. Therefore, at this point, you have to focus on observing the business is: whether the transport service is professional whether there is a special security packaging services are and which quality courier cooperation there is no commitment on the risk of transport, etc.

(A) The number and proportion of orders

The first thing to know is of course whether the supplier’s overall capacity can cope with the company’s needs? What percentage of the supplier’s quantity is purchased by the purchaser? If the purchaser is buying a large proportion of the supplier’s total quantity, the supplier will most likely be fully cooperative; if not, the purchaser needs to be aware of whether the supplier will sacrifice the purchaser’s interests when the order is too large.

(B) Order acceptance times and delivery times

How long does it take on average for a supplier to accept an order? Does it take a lot of time to follow up? Can the supplier deliver within the deadline? Is there enough equipment and capacity to deliver?

(C) Quality

Does the supplier use machinery and equipment that can meet our quality and reliability requirements? Is there a written record? How many returns are there? How is quality judged by others in the industry?

Ask the supplier more questions

For example: whether the style of this vase and my decoration with the difference between hand-painted and appliquéd this vase should be placed in how large a space what is porcelain open pieces and so on ……

The above is about how to buy ceramic vases, in short, carefully examine the business, carefully compared to the goods, not blindly pursuing cheap, select the goods of value for money. I hope you can find the right satisfactory choice through the above knowledge.

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