4 Most Popular Halloween Decorations 2022

Most Popular Halloween Decorations

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Every October 31st is the traditional Western “Ghost Festival”-Halloween. However, the atmosphere of this day is far from “creepy” as its name sounds. Whenever Halloween comes, children can’t wait to put on colorful costumes, masks of all sorts, and walk around the house with a “Jack Lantern”, asking for holiday gifts from adults. The most well-known symbols of Halloween are also these two-the bizarre “Jack’s Lantern” and the “trick or treat”.

When we mention this holiday, elements such as pumpkin lanterns, elves, witches, bats, black castles, and so on will appear in our minds. Many families also buy a lot of Halloween decorations, parents and children carefully decorate their homes before the holiday. Autumn orange pumpkin garland, cute spider wall decoration, every door in the house becomes a cute little ghost, and so on.

So what are the ways to decorate your home for Halloween? Here are four of the most popular Halloween decorations for your reference:

Decoration of the front door

The first method is to turn your house door into a creepy and desolate atmosphere.

The door is the “face” of home life. A door with Halloween elements is the prerequisite for creating Halloween home decorations. Usually, we can “hands and feet” on the door plate, for example, arrange some spiders and bats on the door plate, or put some pumpkin decorations in front of the door, so that we can create a panic atmosphere.

When it comes to Halloween, many people think of pumpkin lanterns for the first time, but many people don’t know that he actually has a name called Jack, who is specially used to scare ghosts. Put a pumpkin lantern at home on Halloween. The bright orange not only attracts the eye but also acts as a “house protector”.

The doorplate of the house can also be the object of transformation, such as hanging some small spiders or little bat accessories, and you can also post a pictorial on the door. If the conditions permit, it will be more perfect to design the pictorial by yourself. The pictorial is mainly to create a kind of atmosphere of horror.

Most Popular Halloween Decorations

Decoration of the wall

In order to reflect an atmosphere of panic, we can also do some tricks on the walls of the living room, of course, provided that your conditions permit. For example, we can paint the wall into a Halloween pattern. The simple way is to put up posters with some Halloween elements so that you can create a fun atmosphere for Halloween.

Moreover, wall stickers are the best choice to create a bedroom atmosphere. Paste some castle and bat-themed wall wallpapers on the white and elegant walls. Pay attention to the stickers as far as possible not to choose the brighter colors of red and orange. The black sticker can well decorate the theme of Halloween, and it will not be too weird to affect the quality of sleep.

The theme color of Halloween is very clear. Deep black and lively orange has become the main colors of this holiday. Therefore, when decorating the room and choosing soft decoration, you might as well choose more of these two tones of home accessories. You can start with tablecloths, stool covers, wall stickers, coasters, pillows, carpets, etc. Even the simple home furnishings can become lively by changing the color tone in Halloween month.

Most Popular Halloween Decorations

Decoration of the pendants

You must have seen such a fragment in a movie. The protagonist walks into the mysterious castle and awakens the long-sleeping bat. The ceiling is still covered with spider webs. Therefore, with the decoration of hanging objects like bats and spider webs, any room can suddenly become mysterious.

In the bedroom, we can also put up posters containing Halloween subjects, such as bats, pumpkins, and little ghosts. And you can also try to replace the deep lamps in the room, such as blue so that the atmosphere of the room can become tenser. At the same time, you can hang black spiders, spider webs, bats, ghosts, etc. on handrails, lights, walls, ceilings, and so on.

Although this kind of decoration is not big, it can create a terrifying atmosphere very well. And These kinds of hanging ornaments can be hung not only in the room but also outside. Such as at the door of the house, or on the plants in front of the house or Fence, and so on.

Most Popular Halloween Decorations

Decoration of the dining table

However, the highlight of Halloween is still on the dining table. You have to prepare food to entertain those “little ghosts” who come to make trouble, and you also have to dress up your dining table on this special holiday. Don’t let your guests look down upon you!

So what are the table decorations for Halloween? How can we make it look great?

Firstly, we can directly buy a dark-colored tablecloth as decoration, and then put on small pumpkin trinkets. If there is another set of Halloween tableware at home, it will be perfect. When preparing dinner, pay attention to preparing some Halloween-element foods, such as pumpkin-shaped cakes, scary black dishes, or buying some spider-shaped chocolates. So that the dining table will become the “main battlefield” for eating on Halloween.

In addition, you can choose some “pumpkin head” shaped storage jars, small decorations, or make some big pumpkin-shaped napkins and placemats to make the table setting unique and atmospheric, which is good for success. The party plays a very important role!

In the process of home furnishings, flowers are always an important factor that brings us beauty and joy, and they are naturally inseparable from the Halloween table. You can choose a bone china vase and put in a few wild chrysanthemums, or buy some dried flowers with orange elements. These are very suitable for the occasion.

Most Popular Halloween Decorations

In fact, there are many ways to decorate Halloween, but no matter which method it is, it is very simple and convenient. It can also create a festive atmosphere and bring joy to everyone. When the family decorates the home for Halloween together, it is also a good family activity. No matter what accessories are chosen to decorate the home on Halloween, I believe it can bring surprises and enjoyment to our lives.

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