Secrets To Decorate The Christmas Tree Like A Professional

Decorate the Christmas Tree

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Everyone can have his or her own idea to decorate a Nice Christmas tree, but how can we decorate the Christmas tree professionally? This is a question worthy of consideration and research, here are a few ways to better decorate the Christmas tree. Hope it could give you some ideas and suggestions. Are you ready to shake things up for the holiday season? Whether you want to try a brand new Christmas tree theme or looking for new ways to use the decorations you already have, our pro-level decorating tips and tricks are here to help. Find experts in ornament ideas, new trend ways to use ribbon, tree topper inspiration, and how to incorporate unexpected objects into your tree design. Break out the real or faux tree, gather up your sparkliest ornaments, and keep reading to learn how to decorate your Christmas tree like a dream house.

The whole family to join in on the decorating fun and make holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Here, an extra-large tree ensures plenty of decorating space for every member of a big family. See how to decorate the home for the holidays below.

Decorate The Christmas Tree

How to set up a tree

1. Take out the foot of the Christmas tree with screws fixed, smoothly on the ground,1.2 meters below the Christmas tree generally use plastic tree feet, three forks fixed can be,1.2 meters above the Christmas tree with most of the hanger folding iron tree feet, hanger tree frame opened tight fixed screws 

2. The segmentation of the tree body in accordance with the sequence of the inserted into the fixed tree foot, each section has a hole for head and tail phase insertion, and then open the branches and leaves evenly, can be arranged in accordance with each preference, the commonly used way is up and down cross, a little upward, there is a kind of prosperous feeling. So you have a Christmas tree in front of you. 

3. Decorate the Christmas lights, the average arrangement of lighting is the point. It can be layered around the tree or wound up and down. Finally, hang carefully selected ornaments on the tree. In order to avoid the picture being too complex, the proposal does not choose too many kinds of ornaments, can choose the commodity of the same color department, the Christmas tree that decorates comes out will have an unexpected effect. 

Decorate The Christmas Tree

Christmas decoration Ornament

1. Wrap the roots in plastic. The plastic sheet can keep the pine needles from falling from the tree. Then cover the plastic with a Christmas tree dress. It not only makes the tree look better but also prevents pine needles from falling all over the floor. 

2. Hang decorations. Ornaments should be placed on branches that are far apart from each other. Otherwise, ornaments may fall down and weigh down the branches below. 

3. Heavy decorations should be hung inside the branches, near the trunk. Because it’s strongest near the trunk, and it’s the most load-bearing. 

4. Decoration should be close to the lantern hanging. In this way, the lights can shine brightly on the decorations, and the reflective decorations such as colored balls, glass balls, and metal.

First, introduce lighting. For every 30 centimeters of tree height, at least 100 lights are needed. White lights are more traditional, colored lights create a more relaxed atmosphere — homey, and gold lights are warm and elegant. If you are patient, wrap more lights around the trunk before you put them on the branches. 

Decorate The Christmas Tree

Then, take out all the large decorations. You can save space by placing large colored ornaments or reflective balls near the tree trunk. Another great way to draw attention is to fill the bare areas of fresh trees with large ornaments.

Now you have two choices. If you want a simple, fresh-looking Christmas tree. Now is the time to start hanging ornaments. You can decorate the hangers with ribbons or tinsel. Heavier ornaments should be hung on the branches near the trunk, and lighter ornaments hung on the branches. One longtime White House tree decorator described the “Christmas tree decorating technique” as “finding a hole in the tree and putting something in it.”

If you want the tree to look compact and “thematic,” it’s very simple. Before you hang the decorations, choose something that will make the tree look compact and place any (but not all) decorations evenly into or around the tree
· Artificial safflower.
· Ribbon: Wrap it like a wreath (300 cm for every 30 cm tree height)
· Cut two pieces of ribbon 45-60cm long and make a nice reverse V cut at the end of the ribbon Like ribbons flowing from trees.
· Palm leaves: Wrap around the branches like a wreath or a bunch of bows.
· Dried hydrangea.
· Dried aqua cauliflower.
· Peppercorns.
· Dry press branches: This is especially good for adding flavor to artificial trees.
· Traditional garlands: Made from beads, popcorn, cranberries, and colored paper — as long as you have enough materials
Just for visual impact, decorate the whole tree.

Decorate The Christmas Tree

At this time, you can also add a circle of a glass of the same size and color. Hang them gently
On the branches so that they are evenly distributed throughout the tree. Red glass ornaments contrast with the green leaves of the tree, while white and gold ones look elegant. If you have small, cute items in your collection (like bows or baseball gloves), you can also add them to the tree with a ribbon or wire. Well, a Christmas tree has been decorated. Your masterpiece is done!

I believe that the beauty of a Christmas tree sometimes lies in the messy decorations made by toddlers
Content. No matter how you use it, it’s your tree that will warm your home with cheer and put your best foot forward during the holidays! Hope you have a wonderful and magical Xmas holiday time.

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