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The rich variety of products in China is attracting numerous buyers. However, many purchasers don’t know how to select good suppliers. This article aims to guide foreign buyers to select good suppliers in

Choose the “trustpass member” sellers.

This is the most basic way of filtering. “trustpass member” is the most basic way to become a 1688 paid seller, which means that the seller has a qualified business license. “trustpass member” determines the level with the establishment of the store. However, the threshold for becoming a “trustpass member” is very low, regardless of whether the seller is a high-quality merchant or not. Therefore, the number of years of trustpass can neither prove that the seller is a high-quality merchant or not. The screening success rate is 20% or even 10%.

 "trustpass member" sellers.
 "trustpass member" sellers.

Select strong merchants (the logo is a bull’s head)

The membership fee of strong merchants is usually much higher, and the premise is that you must join the “trust pass” first, and the company’s registered capital is at least 500000 RMB. This threshold is higher, which is equivalent to an upgraded version of “trust pass”. Generally speaking, suppliers who qualify as strong merchants are usually good quality, but not enough! At this step, the screening success rate is 60%!

strong merchants

Distinguish between “In-depth quotient” and “In-depth factory inspection”

If it is a manufacturer, the supplier can apply for “In-depth factory inspection”, if it is a non-manufacturer, can only apply for “In-depth quotient”, which is usually upgraded on the basis of strong merchants. Compared with the two, I am more inclined to “In-depth factory inspection”, because the factory can guarantee the quality of its own products, and the source price is obviously cheaper than that from the dealer. At this step, the screening success rate can reach 80%.

In-depth factory inspection

Filter from “In-depth factory inspection”

In all “In-depth factory inspection” merchants, click “Factory Archives” to view the number and size of the company. It is recommended to consider a larger number of people, at least 50 or more, preferably 100 or more. The more people the better. The more personnel in the company, the larger the scale and the more secure the quality. At this point, the success rate of screening good suppliers can reach 98%!

In-depth factory inspection
In-depth factory inspection

Pay attention to the risk of merchants stealing pictures!

One additional point: If it is a clothing product, if the model changes frequently, then you have to worry that the seller may steal the picture, which is a bit unreliable! If the model has always been the same person, it means that it was shot for real, which is more reliable.

Review the specific steps to select a supplier:

  1. Enter and choose the “trustpass member” sellers.
  2. Select the strong merchants (the logo is a bull’s head)
  3. Select “Deep Factory Inspection”
  4. Finally, choose a company with more employees, at least 50 employees or more, preferably more than 100 employees. The more people the better. (It needs to be explained here: I don’t mean that a manufacturer with a small number of people will have poor quality, but it is just a matter of probability. A manufacturer with a large number of people and a large scale has a higher probability of good quality. Can the number of employees be faked? This is not necessary. No worried, this is the one that Alibaba entrusts to the four major international evaluation agencies to check, and it has to be reviewed once a year, so it is highly credible.)
  5. Final conclusion:
    Good suppliers = Trustpass member + strong merchants + In-depth factory inspection + more employees

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