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Alibaba Sourcing Agent

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The traditional B2B trade is different from the general retail, which has a long delivery time and various payment methods. Some large orders often go through the proofing, sending samples, testing, and other processes. In a word, one set of processes will last several months or even half a year. Therefore, many traditional foreign traders are generally reluctant to put such a large deal on the line. This idea is reasonable, but more and more people shop on Alibaba international website. Although some people are still cheated, most people benefit from this website. You can also choose China Alibaba Sourcing Agent to help you choose the right supplier. Today we will talk about how to choose high-quality suppliers through Alibaba, so as to place safe orders.

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is an e-commerce platform specializing in wholesaling. It is the largest e-commerce platform, even compared to Amazon. Unlike Amazon, Alibaba does business-to-business wholesale, while Amazon does business-to-consumer retail. As the world’s largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platform, Alibaba Logistics has covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world and will integrate and resonate with ecological partners to redefine global freight standards through digitalization. Founded in 1999, Alibaba is an export marketing and promotion service to help small and medium-sized enterprises expand international trade. It is based on the Alibaba International Trade platform, the world’s leading e-commerce website between enterprises, through showing and promoting suppliers’ enterprises and products to overseas buyers, so as to obtain trade opportunities and orders. It is one of the first choice network platforms for export enterprises to expand international trade.

Alibaba Sourcing Agent

How to choose suppliers?

After understanding the nature of Alibaba’s international site, I believe that your biggest problem is how to choose high-quality suppliers, at least not to be cheated by shell companies. The easiest way to find the product you are looking for is to go to the supplier’s home page. You can see the strength of the company there. Generally, more high-quality suppliers will show their own company strength on the home page, there is a picture of the truth. If the home page is just a product picture with very little information about the company, be careful and Google the company for information. In addition to checking the store’s home page, you can also select products with higher star ratings when selecting products. The star rating of a merchant is related to transaction power. The higher the star rating, the higher the comprehensive level of the store and the stronger the financial strength of the supplier.
The above is just a brief introduction to the selection of suppliers. Suppliers are divided into factories and foreign trade companies, which suppliers to choose depending on your needs.
Manufacturers can customize products, and if you have a larger purchase requirement, choosing a manufacturer will often save you money. However, the bad side is that their minimum order quantity is often very high, and the products are single. If you are engaged in wholesale grocery or supermarket procurement, then you need to find multiple factories to contact them one by one.
Trading company
The biggest advantage of foreign trade companies is to help you integrate resources, and the MOQ will not be very high. If you are an online retailer, such as Amazon, you can even discover new products and find suppliers of hot products on Amazon through the website of a foreign trade company. In addition, if you are shopping, it is much easier to find a strong foreign trade company than to find multiple manufacturers.

Tips for buying from Alibaba safely

Select gold suppliers that have existed for a long time

The long survival time proves the authenticity of the company and the reliability of the company. Stores that have been operating for more than a few years will be more reliable than new stores both in terms of resources and security. In addition, gold bidders will pay more than ordinary sellers, which can prove the financial strength of the company from this perspective.

Alibaba gold suppliers

Choose suppliers with high volume of transactions and orders

The average transaction amount can reflect the strength of a company. Some shops with poor operation often have poor transaction data. Such suppliers actually have no transaction orders, which reflects that there are problems with the products or the prices are too expensive and the resources are not good. It should also be noted that some suppliers will brush orders. You can see the buyer’s country and transaction amount in the column of transaction information. Shops with good transaction data will not have only a certain country or a certain quantity in transaction data. This suggestion is for reference only.

Don’t worry about high minimum orders

B side trade, an order that will not be closed overnight, can be negotiated nuclear negotiations. So you can initiate an inquiry to the business to ask whether you can meet your requirements, general foreign trade companies may meet your wishes. But Russia is a manufacturer, not usually. If you are interested in the product, you can inquire first.

Watch out for suppliers with very low moQ or very low price

Such suppliers tend to target is very low price, minimum quantity is low, but you go when you make an inquiry to him, he may quote the price, this is the new open store often in order to attract eyeball, or she doesn’t know the price of the product at all, just to cheat your money, when you play paragraph, immediately disappeared. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Payment method can choose Ali online payment

One advantage of Alibaba online payment is that if you want a refund, you can initiate an application. If the merchant does not refund you, the platform will pay you the payment under reasonable circumstances. For example, if you are cheated, the Alibaba platform will give you certain compensation.


To sum up, it takes a certain amount of energy to find high-quality suppliers from Alibaba. However, you can trust our Union Source, because we are the best Alibaba Sourcing Agent. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 0086-178-1592-7019/(0574) 2790 3657

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