Methods to find China suppliers online

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Affected by coronavirus, I believe many importers are not able to participate in China offline fairs. So, they may be confused about how to find China suppliers online.

In this article, I will introduce some methods to find China suppliers online.

1. Wholesale websites

Methods to find China suppliers online

1.1 Alibaba

If you have enough budget to develop your long-term business, Alibaba will be more suitable for you. Alibaba offers more choices of products and suppliers, compared to other websites. Some suppliers can also accept small batch orders. On the website, you can easily find its contact information about China suppliers. Then negotiate with the supplier the order quantity and price, as well as your other needs.

Alibaba provides trade guarantees for buyers and suppliers. If the seller does not promise timely delivery or product quality, Alibaba will refund the buyer.

1.2 AliExpress & DHgate


If you just want to purchase in small quantities or have a low budget. AliExpress and DHgate are your best choices. Both of them are designed for low-volume buyers. So, you don’t need to worry about the MOQ. You can buy any quantity of goods, even one piece. You only need to click the mouse to buy, according to the buyer’s comment and the store rating. You can easily import from China. Which one is more suitable for your business?

Pricingsmall orders under $100, offer more discountsover $100
ShippingA clear estimated arrival timeA date range
DropshippingMore suitableYes
Buyer ProtectionYesYes

If you are a start-up, you can start a dropshipping business. And you are more suitable for AliExpress. Because it has the largest dropshipping business and supplier directory.

Look at the Pricing. We can see AliExpress is more suitable for small orders, such as those under $100. DHgate is suitable for orders over $100.

AliExpress provides a clear estimated time of arrival, while DHgate provides a date range within which you can expect orders.

2. Search directly on Google

Google is a good channel to find China suppliers. More and more China factories and trading companies build their own websites on Google. You can find it by searching some industry-related keywords. For example, China factory, manufacturer, wholesale, bulk, odm, oem,  etc.

3. Social Networks

You can also search for China suppliers on some social media, such as Linkedin, Facebook. Many China suppliers need widely followed. So they often share their news, products and services through these social platforms. You can contact them to learn more about their services and products. And then decide whether to work with them.

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