The Best Beauty Tools and Accessories to Gift

Beauty Tools and Accessories

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When you are thinking about what to gift to a person who is beauty-inclined, you probably would straightly choose some cosmetics or skincare products. While those retail stores offer you tons of alternatives, we would like to take you to our land of beauty tools and accessories.

The number of beauty tools and accessories is unlimited; adding even a single one of them to your beauty routine can magnify the results of your beauty products. They also make great gifts because they are usually the items that most people don’t think they need or don’t want to splurge on because they would rather buy refills of their favorite moisturizer or foundation. While they might have no idea how these tiny tools can be helpful to their products, offer them a luxury spa experience to their skincare and makeup process.

The best part is, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to find a worthwhile tool. But you might get stuck in the face of all the different options, let me introduce you to the beauty tools across all different price points that make the perfect gifts. From high-tech skincare devices to makeup organizers and affordable hair styling tools, there’s something for everyone.

Jade Gua Sha and Massage Rollers

Let’s start with the basic facial skincare tool, face massage rollers, and gua sha. Everyone could benefit a lot from adding a massage tool in their skincare routine to magnify the efficiency of skincare products. Actually, there are plenty of benefits of this traditional Chinese medicine technique, for example, face relaxing, anti-wrinkle, etc. It’s also an affordable skincare tool that makes for a great stocking stuffer. 

Face Cooling Spheres

Our ice globes are made of premium glass and non-toxic antifreeze liquid inside. They are safe and unlikely to break with below benefits: stimulate nerves to eliminate fine lines, tighten skin and shrink pores, they help to restore your skin’s natural elasticity and smooth wrinkles; stimulate blood circulation to help rid the skin of the harmful chemicals and accelerate the absorption of the essence; help to relieve the fatigue caused by overstress and help with the regeneration of skin cell and collagen; help relieve headaches, muscle tension, sinus pain, and stress. Put them into the refrigerator 30 minutes before massaging and roll them on your cleaned skin for a spa skincare experience. This cooling massage will help you achieve relief and relaxation at home. It’s the perfect choice for either gift on its own or for promotional purposes.

Microneedling Tool

The micro-needling tool gives the gift of glowing, hydrated, and youthful-looking skin at this season. Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves pricking the skin with tiny needles to stimulate collagen production, smooth out the uneven skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This micro-needling tool is designed to stimulate the skin’s natural healing response. It creates thousands of tiny holes in the skin. These allow any skincare products you apply to get right into the skin so they will be more effective.

Mirror with LED Lights

A lighted vanity mirror is one of those things you don’t think you need until you own one and wonder how you’ve gone so long without one. This mirror is not just a normal mirror, but a mirror with LED lights to help you with makeup. It also comes with a magnifying mirror and lights with adjustable settings all around the frame to seriously elevate your beauty routine. Whether you’re using it for daily makeup application, photo shooting, or important meetings and events, this high-tech mid-sized mirror is worth every penny. 

Facial Steamer

You might have no idea how this works and how this steaming device can benefits your face, allow us to fill you in. Steaming helps hydrate, soften, cleanse, and soothe the skin. It also promotes circulation and makes the skin more permeable, which helps with product absorption. This steamer can penetrate the skin barrier more easily. A tepid and gentle temperature of the steamer can unclog pores, remove dirt, oil, keratin, and leftovers of makeup, providing a quick nutritional absorption for your skin. It can melt away dead skin cells to make nutrients more absorbable for the skin. The steamer activates the hydrophilic factor and replenishes water in your skin to promote collagen regeneration, it can soften the cuticle, restore smooth, delicate skin and improve skin’s nutritional absorbency. Also, it can weaken pigmented spots, kill skin bacteria, and suppress acne. A facial steamer is a great gift that will make every self-care Sunday a luxurious and calming experience. 

Skincare Brush Collection

Think of this set as makeup brushes but for serums, moisturizers, and masks. Skincare brushes help stop the spread of bacteria caused by dipping your fingers directly into jars and make skincare application less messy and more relaxing as the soft bristles feel good against the skin. This set comes with a cleansing brush that gently exfoliates your skin, an angled brush that helps to seamlessly apply creams, moisturizers, primers, and face masks, and an eye treatment brush that carefully hugs the eye contour when applying creams or serums. This is a set of brushes that creates a possibility of a professional spa experience either for home use or travel.

Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

Scalp care is a relatively new category in beauty but one we’re wholeheartedly embracing. Most commonly used in the shower, a scalp massager is a nice addition to your hair washing routine because the bristles are quite adept at dislodging product build-up and dead skin cells. And quite frankly, they’re the closest thing we’ve gotten to a proper massage in a while, so there’s that. Scalp massagers, in particular, are an easy but effective add-on to your existing hair care routine, especially on wash day or whenever you’re feeling like having a little moment of self-care. Few things feel better than a scalp massage, which is why this tool is an incredible stocking stuffer. Beyond feeling amazing, scalp massages also increase circulation and support healthy hair growth. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Makeup and Jewelry Storage Drawers

With all those bottles and jars of lotion and moisturizers, lipsticks, and all the makeup-related products and tools, you might realize that you need a container to have them all in the right places and well organized. This makeup organizer is a godsend for the person in your life who believes you can never have too much makeup or skincare products— and that it’s worthy of being displayed. It’s a sleek acrylic case with a detachable top compartment so you can configure it for the dresser or vanity top where it’ll live. It has got room for skincare, brushes, lotion, foundation, lipsticks, shadow palettes, and pencils. It makes our makeup table clean and neat.

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