5 Reasons Why Trading Companies Are Better than Manufacturers

Trading Companies

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Introduction of Trading Companies

A foreign trade company refers to a trading company with qualifications for foreign trade operations. Its business transactions focus on foreign countries. Through market research, it imports foreign goods into China for sales, or purchases domestic goods and sells them abroad. It is an essential part to connect customers and factories.

The Reasons Why Trading Companies Are Better than Manufacturers

The Trading Company Provides a Wider Variety of Products

A trading company, will not only sell the products of one factory but will select many factories to form one or more categories of products for sale. Even for a product, it will choose multiple factories and multiple specifications, so it has many choices for buyers and customers, and it will not be limited to one factory and one product.

For example, a foreigner purchases all kinds of fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, woolen, chiffon, woven, knitted, and so on. But if your factory can only provide cotton, he has to go all the way to find other factories to buy. And trading companies just can provide one-stop services.

If they do not deal with trading companies, foreign buyers have to send their own people to China, and they must send enough people to different places and different factories to deal with them to meet their purchasing needs. This kind of purchasing method is far from finding cooperation with a trading company with a complete range of products.

The Trading Companies Always Think Highly of Services

Trading companies are a bridge that connects customers with manufacturers. They pay more attention to service. Excellent trading companies can handle the relationship between factories and customers very well. A factory is a place that only provides products, and does not think highly of service.

Trading companies are not the kind of suppliers who only consider benefits but are unwilling to work hard. Sometimes even if the profit is minimal, the trading company will take customers to find factories one by one until they are satisfied. Still, few factories are willing to patiently receive customers whose order quantity is lower than the minimum order quantity.

Trading companies

Trading Companies Will Reduce Risks for Customers

The products produced by the manufacturers may not always satisfy the customers. Sometimes the product quality cannot meet the requirements, and customers need to spend time and labor costs to adjust. However, results are still not guaranteed. At this time, the buyer will face the problem of finding a substitute, which will seriously slow down his trade process.

However, the handling method of trading companies is much more flexible. Generally, trading companies will not only cooperate with one factory. There are many factories that cooperate with them, and there is a high degree of selectivity. If there is a problem, you can completely change to another factory. This will not affect the business of the trading company.

Another point is that the trading company is not the agent of the factory, but it can become the agent of the buyer. What kind of products and factories the buyer wants to find in China can be done through the trading company. This is equivalent to the customer having an office in China, which is convenient and labor-saving for long-term cooperation.

Trading Company Communication Is More Professional

It does not mean that knowing the product is necessarily a professional salesperson. Now the factory also likes to participate in various exhibitions and sells it on various websites. There is no need to do business through a trading company, but in fact, the factory that understands the product is not necessarily can do sales.

Communication is a big problem. The factory does not have a professional salesperson, so there is a big flaw in language communication with customers. Many foreigners do not speak English well. That’s more difficult.

The talents equipped by trading companies are far superior to those in factories, not only in terms of service attitude but also in foreign language professionalism. The sales staff equipped by foreign trade companies still account for a relatively large proportion of minor languages. For buyers, For example, being able to hear one’s own native language is more likely to generate a sense of intimacy.

The Process of The Trading Company Is More Standardized And The Funds Are More Secure

The foreign trade company has the right to import and export and has a complete and professional operation process. The cooperation between customers and foreign trade companies can be more stable and guaranteed. At the same time, after long-term cooperation with trading companies, customers will develop more series of products and expand product categories. This is not advantageous for factories with relatively single products. Sometimes trading companies and customers are not just a relationship of interests, but a trusted friends for a long time.


Under the influence of the epidemic, although foreign trade is somewhat difficult, opportunities and challenges always coexist. Driven by the Winter Olympics and the “Twenty National Congress”, foreign trade will open a new window, and we must take advantage of this time to vigorously develop new customers.

Under the influence of the epidemic, although foreign trade is somewhat difficult, opportunities and challenges always coexist. Driven by the Winter Olympics and the “Twenty National Congress”, foreign trade will open a new window, and we must take advantage of this time to vigorously develop new customers.

In general, our country’s foreign trade is still relatively resilient. Basically, it is improving steadily. The government will continue to develop some preferential systems and measures to promote the innovative development of foreign trade. It is believed that China’s foreign trade is competitive in the foreign economy. The competitiveness is still relatively high. In the development of foreign trade this year, we will definitely be able to fight a final battle.

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