2022 Best Silk Flowers Buying Guide

Best Silk Flowers

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Silk flowers have become popular in recent years. In numerous material pledges and varieties of silk flowers, how to buy satisfactory silk flowers? Here are some tips for buying the best silk flowers, and hope it will be helpful for you to choose silk flowers.

How to choose high-quality silk flowers?

Artificial flower materials mainly include plastic products, silk products, polyester products, and also materials made from resin clay. In addition, metal rods, glass tubes, blow molding paper, fiber, decorative paper, and ribbons may also be used for making artificial plants. Although it is collectively known as silk flower, artificial flowers, artificial plants, and potted plants can now be made from many different materials. No matter when there are all kinds of artificial flowers for consumers to select. However, there are great differences in the production techniques of silk flowers.

Due to there being various artificial flowers in the market now, people don’t know how to choose the best ones. Although the artificial flower is exquisite, we can not be cheated by the beauty of flowers. The materials of many flowers are inferior. Sometimes you can smell its pungent aroma and taste. The material of silk flower you choose must be environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe. Therefore, it is very important to choose regular manufacturers to buy. Regular manufacturers have advanced equipment and excellent management technology with advanced production conditions. The procurement of raw materials is very formal. All kinds of quality tests are comprehensive.

Best Silk Flowers

High-quality silk flowers usually have a supporting thread on their stem, leaves, and petals. In this way, it can arrange each element in the most realistic way. You should choose those made by hand from a variety of thick and thin soft aluminum wires. You can twist and fold the branches as you like in the flower arrangement. You will find that the branches are of moderate hardness and will not flex or deform. Petals, leaves, and stems should also be selected with fine aluminum wires. Even if the flowers are dirty, washing can ensure that the petals, flowers, and leaves do not deform, and will not produce rust spots. Secondly, the stems of high-quality silk flowers are usually longer and enclosed in the flower band. This allows the designer to easily cut the stem to fit a particular arrangement. High-quality silk flowers do not have a high gloss. Conversely, matte or flat surfaces look most natural. High-quality silk flowers should maintain their appearance and color for years to come. Customers who like to make artistic modeling of simulated flowers should check whether the adhesive paper wrapped on the flower rod is easy to loosen and whether the aluminum wire is exposed after cutting the flowers. You should choose imitation flowers made of imported high-grade waterproof wax with stretchy adhesive paper. That way, no matter how short you cut the rod, or immerse it in water, silk flowers will remain beautiful for a long time. If you want to buy high-quality silk flowers, try to buy handmade ones. Hand-made artificial flowers are mostly silk cloth material, it can not only show elegant taste but also the craft is fine. Its decorative effect is better and it has a very high collection value.

How to choose the proper silk flower?

When you buy silk flowers, you should know what you are going to decorate them with. Different occasions for silk flower purchases are also different. In terms of species, you can choose willows, tulips, violets, carnation, marigolds, lilies, lilies, daisies, and other spring flowers according to your preferences. They give people a pleasant fragrance, youthful feeling. And all over the sky stars, lotus, water lily, asparagus, Malan leaves, and other static flowers, which make people feel pure, fresh, and elegant. Fiery red maple leaves, fragrant osmanthus flowers, vigorous pomegranate, glittering and translucent grapes, frost resistant autumn chrysanthemum is obviously conveyed rich life information.

If you want to give silk flowers as gifts, unique and decorative flowers are suitable for young people. Opposite traditional, sedate and easy silk flower suits in old people. If you want to buy silk to spend as the word of interior decoration, you must adequately consider household collocation. This requires that people fully consider the color and pattern of artificial flowers and other problems. For example, in the living environment of contemporary style, people can choose silk flowers with relatively simple but elegant. For Europe type decoration style, people can choose the flower which is nobler and has beautiful color. For Chinese decoration style, people can choose famous flowers. In the home decoration, the common flowers include roses (mostly lover roses, alpine roses, champagne roses, French roses, Diana roses), tulips, orchids, and so on. People usually put flowers on the table or on the ground. Among them, people choose to put roses in the bedroom more. In the living room, people choose gerbera chrysanthemum, orchid, delphinium, and other flowers.

Best Silk Flowers

How to buy best silk flowers with great value?

First, you shouldn’t just focus on price. You should choose a silk flower that is cost-effective in many ways. The artificial flower on the market has the cent of high and low grade, the flower quality with low price is good not necessarily so. You should judge it by its workmanship, size, material, color, and many other different styles. Before you buy, you need to make a rough estimate of the amount of space to spend. You should also read the seller’s size description carefully when buying. Most people don’t have a strong sense of space in a picture, and they misjudge the size of a floral arrangement even though the picture is matched with a reference. If you don’t have a sense of space after looking at the dimensions in the description, you can use a ruler to compare the actual space so that it doesn’t deviate from what you see in the picture. This method is very useful!

You should buy it as cheaply as possible. For example, instead of buying a silk flower with a large flower, consider buying a root that produces several smaller ones. The root usually also contains a few leaves. This is especially important because multiple flower stems and leafy leaves provide a better filling. You can try to buy flowery and leafy stems – it’s much easier to make a complete bouquet with minimal effort.

Where can I buy silk flowers?

You can buy silk flowers and floral supplies in your local stores for the first time. In this way, you can know about the quality of silk flowers generally. You can also search for “silk flowers” and “artificial flowers” on shopping websites. In fact, in the field of artificial flower manufacturing, no brand has really dominated or become the “first choice.” Most artificial flowers are imported from China by various importers with a wide range of names, but it doesn’t mean they are not of good quality. For high quality and great service, sites like unionsourcechina.com combine the two and achieve some good results!

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