The Secret Language of 6 Popular Artificial Flowers


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We all know that different kinds of flowers have different symbolic meanings. There are also different types of flowers in popular artificial flowers. When people choose flowers, they also take their symbolic meaning into consideration. So do you know what different flowers stand for?

  • Rose

The rose is a flower of love and beauty in one. Around the world, the rose is the universal language of love. Every Valentine’s Day, roses are the most popular thing for lovers. Roses represent love, and different colors of roses also have different meanings.

Red rose is a common rose, it has the meaning of “I love you”, as well as the meaning of passionate love, enthusiasm, and so on. It is on behalf of warm love. The flower language of pink rose means first love, representing young romantic and sweet love. You can give pink roses to the girl you like for the first time and make a declaration of your love. It means your smile has made me fall in love with you. The flower language of the white rose means pure love, indicating that the love of each other has not been affected by any interests. There is also the flower language of humility and respect, which can also be given to elders to show their inner respect. The orange rose symbolizes the shyness of a girl. If your lover is a girl with a shy character, you can give the orange rose to her, indicating that you are the most beautiful person in your heart. Blue roses represent a kind of miracle. With the words of miracle and impossible things, they can be given to a lover to show that he is a miracle in our life. They can also be given to a friend to show a blessing that there will be miracles in the future. The words of the purple rose, representing a melancholy love, can also be used to express a dreamy surprise. Champagne rose has the meaning of a lifetime of love. It can be given to a lover to show that he or she has been smitten with you since the first time he or she saw you.

  • Tulip

Tulips symbolize love, elegance, wealth, kindness, thoughtfulness, intelligence, and ability. This is the language of tulips, but different colors of tulips are also different.

Purple tulips represent endless love. Purple is a kind of acme cool color attune, connect love also is same, purple tulip gives a person is a kind of sink cannot extricate oneself, love. White tulips are a symbol of pure love. White flowers are generally to give a person pure and flawless feelings, white tulips and noble girl love, lofty can not be played with. Pink tulips represent eternal love. Maiden love is true and beautiful, like pink tulips, can keep the best love forever. Red tulips are a declaration of love, joy, of passionate love. Red always gives a person a kind of warm enjoyment, the love of red tulip is so warm and beautiful, let a person fall into it. Yellow tulips symbolize openness. Golden and dazzling tonal gives a person a kind of lively feeling, like a cheerful teenager.

  • Peony

Peony flower language is complete, affection, riches and honor, elegant, but also a symbol of light love and hard work. Red peony flower language is riches and honor, complete. White peony symbolizes noble, elegant, and trustworthy people, while pink peony means elegant, mature, implicit, and beautiful. Peony is a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness, meaning noble, elegant, elegant. The peonies are in full bloom, symbolizing prosperity, happiness, and peace for the country.

  • Carnation

The meanings of carnations include infatuation, difference, and love. Like many other flowers, different messages can be expressed in different colors of the flower. For example, light red carnations are often used to express admiration, while dark red carnations express deeper love and affection. White carnations are associated with purity and good luck, and pink carnations are often a symbol of thanks. Carnations became the official mother’s Day flower in the early 1900s, and have taken on special significance in many other cultures around the world. Carnations remain a favorite flower choice for many different occasions. They are instantly recognizable flowers and have a charm that continues to fascinate people all over the world. In fact, in many parts of the world, carnations are more popular than any other flower, including the rose. These flowers can express strong emotions and are the perfect complement to their classic beauty and lasting freshness.

The flower words of white carnations are love always, true love, and purity. It also expresses innocence, pure love, pure friendship, true feelings, and respect.

The flower language of yellow carnations is mainly to express gratitude to mothers. But it can also mean something bad, like you have disappointed me, abandoned me, despised me, etc. The flower message of the crimson carnation is passionate love, deep love, and care. Peach carnations are ideal for mothers, lovers, lovers, and elders. The words of peach carnations are loving you.

  • Sunflower

Sunflower flower words are silent guard unrequited love, unrequited mind, sunflower meaning loyalty, courage, passion for a better life, the pursuit of light, admiration, and love for others. Sunflowers are as bright as the sun color, and also have a unique meaning. Because the sunflower is a devout follower of the sun, every day with the direction of the sun rotation, his life all love to the sun, but never say, so the sunflower flower language is loyal, a silent love. But it is also because sunflowers grow towards the sun all the time, so it also has the implication of confidence and sunshine.

  • Lily

Lily has many meanings. It symbolizes a good marriage for a hundred years. It can be used to express wishes for a happy marriage and is very suitable for a wedding. What’s more, lily represents the happiness of the family. You can put one in the home, it has better-implied meaning, still can express a yearning to the future. What’s more, it means great love. You can give it to your parents to thank them for their selfless love. It also expresses deep blessings and can express good wishes to others.

We have already known the meaning of six popular flowers in our life. Do you think it’s helpful to you? And you can’t wait to pick up some artificial flowers for your loved ones? We have various types of artificial flowers for you to choose on our website!

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