China QC Inspection: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

QC Inspection

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What is QC inspection in China?

QC Inspection is an activity to check and accept the supply quality and other relevant contents in the order and purchase contract as required.

The purpose is to check whether the goods supplied by the supplier meet the requirements of the order contract and other special requirements of the buyer.

Why do we need to choose inspection when importing?

※ Check whether the goods supplied by the supplier meet the quality requirements of national laws and regulations or relevant national standards;

※ Timely avoid delivery delays and product defects, take emergency and remedial measures in the first time;

※Reduce or avoid consumer complaints, loss of business reputation caused by receiving inferior products;

※Reduce the risk of compensation and administrative punishment caused by selling inferior products;

※ Verify the quality and quantity of goods to avoid contract disputes;

※ Compare and select the best suppliers and obtain relevant information and advice;

※ Reduce high management and labor costs for monitoring and testing products;

Types of Quality Inspection

(1) Pre-production inspection: inspection personnel through random sampling of the production, to check raw materials, products, parts, and components.

(2) In-line Inspection: inspectors inspect semi-finished products or finished products just off the production line, check for flaws and deviations, report to the manufacturer, and propose effective methods to correct errors and deviations.

(3) Final Random Inspection: Inspectors check the quantity, function, color, size, specifications, and packaging of the goods before the completion of production and packaging (generally 100% produced and 80% packaged).

(4) Supervision of shipment: After the inspectors have sampled the final product before shipment, Assist the manufacturer to confirm whether the packing is in accordance with the proper cleaning condition and packing condition in the factory base, warehouse, or during packing transmission.

Cost of a quality inspection

If you hire a third-party QC inspection company in China, it will cost you between $199 and $299 per working day. This rate generally applies when the warehouse or factory is within 60 km from the inspection company’s office. If it is further away, the fee increases. PPI, FRI/PSI, and DUPRO are done at an average of $199 per day, and a factory audit will cost between $300 and $400 per man day.

The right time to book a quality inspection

If your quality checklist has previously been approved, then most companies accept bookings made 72 hours prior.

When we could get an inspection report?

In China, inspection reports are sent out within 24 hours of completion. Some companies will give you the report on the same day for an extra fee.

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