4 Effective Tips For Customized Packaging

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Customized packaging of products has always been a great concern to importers. Many start-up company and medium-sized enterprises can quickly establish their brands through customized product packaging with brand logos. Packaging is a very important brand asset. According to different product categories and sales locations, importers and exporters usually have different requirements for product packaging.

This article will start with the reasons for custom packaging, and then provide some effective suggestions to businessmen who need to customize their product packaging.

Why we need to customize packaging?

1. The size of customized packaging is more suitable

The size of the packaging boxes on the market is usually fixed. It is difficult for us to find a packaging box that fits our products’ size. However, a customized packaging box can solve this problem. The company can make a suitable product packaging box according to the size of its products so that the combination of such packaging boxes and products will have the best effect.

2. Customized packaging will meet the needs of customers

Customized packaging is a bridge for interaction between merchants and consumers. When designing the contents of the packaging box pattern and words, the business will design according to the preferences of the product consumer groups. Only in this way can the product stand out among a wide variety of products, impress customers and enhance their company’s business.

3. Customized packaging is conducive to building brand

Exquisite packaging is a manifestation of brand value, which represents the corporate image. Many well-known brands are using product packaging boxes specially designed by their own companies. It is obvious that custom packaging is essential to building a brand. Exquisite and careful packaging can quickly distinguish you from your competitors. For start-up companies, product packaging can build a brand at a lower price.

However, there are still many suppliers who do not pay enough attention to the custom packaging. They use the original packaging of the products and sell the products to customers. Invisibly, they are helping other companies to build their brand image. This is a major mistake caused by ignoring the commercial value of the product packaging.

How to customize suitable product packaging?

 1. Your brand determine packaging

Excellent packaging is an important part of your brand building. It can help your product stand out, increase brand awareness, and make your customers excited about what’s inside. Good packaging should have the narrative ability, tell your story, and provide influence for your brand. Before designing a single product package, you need to define the overall brand style and aesthetics.

Some of the branding elements that should be considered when creating a packaging design are:

Color: What color does your logo, website, sample book, and product use? Try to use this consistent tone for packaging.
Logo: Your logo should appear on the packaging so that customers can quickly identify your brand and the logo can spread the brand.
Font: Did you choose a specific font for your brand? If not, what font did you choose for the website?

Customized packaging

 2. Find the right material for your packaging design

Normally, replacing damaged goods is much higher than paying for adequate protective packaging from the start. Therefore, the product packaging box also needs to be practical, of course, you can still provide customers with an unforgettable brand experience.

When packaging your products, for large or fragile items, you need to focus on materials specifically designed for strength. However, if you sell small or lightweight products, the box is not necessarily the best choice. Environmentally friendly paper bags provide a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. For some heavy-duty items, packaging with strong corrugated cardboard is worth considering. This special material provides good support.

3. Choose active brand elements

If you want to make the packaging of the brand, you need to combine the elements and characteristics of the brand. Customized packaging is visual publicity to customers, which helps to cultivate brand recognition and influence.

Color is the most active visual element in brand design. Color should enhance the product’s characteristics, not fight it. Color match directly affects customers’ perception of the product. Many big brands will combine the colors to design brand packaging. The advantage of this is that customers can think of this brand when they see this color, so we should never ignore the impact of visual impact. The color configuration should be harmonious, in line with the functional purpose of the product.

For example, the internationally renowned brand Hermes chose the very eye-catching orange as the product packaging box. “Hermes Orange” shows enough personality and fashion strength and promoted the brand to the world.

customized packaging

4. Make your packaging design more attractive

The pattern printed on the packaging should be distinctive and used in conjunction with the product logo. Only by analyzing the characteristics of products, will the characteristics of the product be brought into full play. Incorporating unexpected creative product design elements into it will make the packaging have a visual impact. There are multiple purposes to consider when designing, breaking the rules to make the packaging more unique. Perhaps you can also add a slogan to interact with buyers, which will make the user experience better.

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