What Products sell on Amazon Can Make Good Money?

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If you are still figuring out what products sell on Amazon so that you make good money, then this is the right Blog you should read. Our company helped thousands of Amazon sellers find products and suppliers in China. Now I will share something from my experience. 3 things will be involved in today’s content:

4 Characteristics Of An Awesome Product For Amazon FBA

Amazon sells 398+ million individual products. It literally means that there are plenty of options to choose from. But an awesome product must have these below 4 Characteristics.

Product That Is Small, Lightweight, and Has 100 Reviews

Look for products that are small and lightweight, as this helps while shipping. They are easy to import and cost not much. Once you have sourced such products, look for another important factor, which is “reviews.” Browse through products that have 100 – 120 reviews. If a product only has less than 100 reviews, then be careful, that means there aren’t too many buyers for this product, it’s not easy to sell.

Product That Retails From $25 – $50

As far as the reports are concerned, products between this price ranges tend to make better sales. This is primarily because they cover some direct costs like the cost of the goods sold, advertising costs, and Amazon seller fees. However, anything above $50 or $60 can turn out to be different in terms of sales. Your conversion rates, the number of shoppers seeing your products, and the chances of purchase – drop.

Product That Is Easy To Manufacture

You definitely don’t want to see problems in the manufacturing and quality control parts. So source products that can be easily manufactured and are not fragile. Avoid electronics, glass, crockery, or complicated products that are beyond your understanding.

Product That Can Be Sold Year Round

Never pick products that are seasonal, as they will fetch you some sales only at that particular season. Meanwhile, Trend products like loom bands, selfie sticks, and hoverboards. They are neither a good choice. Because it takes half a year or a year from nobody knows this product to the stage where everyone knows it and everyone wants to buy this product. And of course, at this stage, there are numerous people who want to buy this product from China and wish to share a piece of cake of this business. But it’s usually too late to sell this product. Because when you realize this tendency, the demand for this product is getting less, even less than the quantity that the market demands. And the profit is also getting worse. The winners of this game are those people who made big sales. If you want to wholesale, trending products will get you good profit.

Amazon FBA

The Best Products to Sell on Amazon by Category

When we talk about the top-selling items on Amazon, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should sell these specific products. Your final call will depend on multiple factors, for example, competition, demand in the markets you sell, your specific business situation, and so on. The following information is for your reference.
Here’s a comparison of Amazon’s 10 most popular vs. most profitable categories, based on a 2021 Jungle Scout report.

What ideas do you get from these percentages and categories?

Sales are not necessarily dictated by category. High demand and low competition products can make you money. Well, you are not the only one who has such a brilliant idea! Most sellers think the same way. To make money, sometimes we got to think differently!
Have you ever thought that you don’t even need the products that are in high demand? Small demand products in specific niches can also make money. Because the small market demand means that you won’t have many competitors that sell exactly the same thing. And costumers are willing to spend more money to buy your products. So you need to dig deeper, find your niche and dominate it.

What Products You Shouldn’t Sell as a Beginner

Ordinary Daily-Use Consumer Products are not a good choice for beginners.

In China, it only costs about 30 cents(0.3$)to make a pair of high-quality cotton socks. And the shipping cost from China to the United States for sending a pair of socks only costs between 2(0.02$) cents to 20 (0.2$) cents, which is based on shipping by sea or air and also depends on how much quantity you are going to ship. And if you go to a retail store in the United States to buy a pair of cotton socks like this kind of quality, you have to pay at least 3$. It looks like you will have 6 or 7 times more profit than the cost you’re paying to get them imported from China. There are a lot of these kinds of similar products such as sunglasses, towels, backpacks, and more. But these products aren’t suitable for new sellers. Why? For most developed countries or areas, like North America and Europe, most ordinary products are sold by big retailers. And for most people, when they want to buy several pairs of socks, they are more willing to go to those big retailers, not your small store.

And you will have big pressure on the rent and also labor cost if you only sell ordinary T-shirts and socks. Even though you want to sell this kind of product by e-commerce, you still need to pay for online marketing costs. However, if you have enough budget for wholesale, well, that will be another different story. So does it mean there is no opportunity for general products at all? Not really. Making improvements and making them stand out from others. For example, cotton socks have a very fierce competition, but low-profit market. But the Swedish socks brand, Happy Socks, is very successful for the past 10 years by selling their very cool design socks. So, if you want to sell daily-use consumer products, then make them different from others.

And another kind of product you should be alert about is Brand Products

A lot of new sellers will think that brand products like Nike shoes, Xiaomi, Huawei, iPhone are very popular and made in China. So if they import brand products from China then resell them, they will gain a lot of profit. Well, that does not go to happen! Because most brand products, have their own selling network and also you are not able to get from the original manufacturers. For example, Xiaomi is a Chinese brand made in China. But for all their products, you can only get their official retail prices no matter how many you want to buy. But this doesn’t mean you can’t sell any brand’s products. If a brand has no official retailers in your country and you can accept the total costs, and your supplier is authorized by the brand. Then you can get your business started!

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