Sourcing Agent from China — How They Help Your Business Grow

sourcing agent from china

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With the development of the world market economy and international trading, the business between different countries became a normal and ordinary thing. The whole world can be your market and the same time can be your supplier.

Where to Find the Best Suppliers?

Nowadays when you go shopping in the shopping malls or go the supermarkets, it’s very easy to find the products made in China. China has become the biggest manufacturing industrial country in the world. By 2020 China has been in this number one position for 11 years. There are 30% of products in the world are made in China. Even during Coronavirus time, China is still in good order, keeps providing the world full range of products. This proves that China is a good place to develop your supply chain.

Why do You Need a Sourcing Agent From China?

Limitation of knowledge of China’s supply chain

Normally you have such ways to look for suppliers: search on the internet, for example, Alibaba; go to the trade fairs like Canton Fair; friends’ introduction, etc. On Alibaba, there are too many suppliers and different prices for the same products. You can only see the photos or videos of the products, and can’t touch and compare the products from different suppliers. And only online communication is hard to build a reliable business relationship. At the trade fair, you just have a chance to see the booths of the suppliers, the styles of the products are limited. You have no idea whether the products are theirs or not, while not all the suppliers take part in the trade fair, many are trading companies who have no price or quality advantages for the products. Most of the very competitive factories don’t go to trade fairs. The suppliers from the introduction of friends also have limitations. All these ways are not good enough to find competitive suppliers to produce qualified products with the lowest prices and help your business grow.

Inability to make in-person visits to China

To look for a suitable factory and sign a contract, you will need staff to make in-person travel to China to check on-site about the factory. From products development and production, you will always need staff to follow the orders. If you arrange for some staff to settle in China to deal with the business, this will be a big cost.

Lack of profession of products

Most of you only have designs ideas or function requirements of a product but don’t know very clearly about how the products are produced and how to decrease the cost. Or you don’t have enough energy to go through raw material choose, to final packing all the production processes to get a better price.

Limitation of communication

You and the factory are speaking different languages, this may cause misunderstanding. Even if you speak the same language, different cultural backgrounds will make the communication inefficient. In China, people have their unique way of negotiating business. During the proceeding of orders, there will be different problems found, bad communication will bring risk to the quality and delivery of the goods.


What Advantages a Sourcing Agent from China Can Bring to You?

To survive and win in the competition a company needs to have its own advantages. Saving running costs, a good design idea, and quality of products is very important, below are the advantages that a sourcing agent from China can bring to you.

  • A sourcing company from China can help you to save company running costs.

When you have a sourcing agent, it’s like you have a researching and developing team, a marketing analysis team, even a design team, a QC QA team. The sourcing agent can help to detect China’s supply part to find what products are in good sales now in the related international markets and help you to develop hot sell products. Agency knows better of market trend, can provide you good design ideas. If your import country has audit requirements for the factory, the agency can help with the audits. If your target market has any test requirements for the products, the agency can also help.   

  • China sourcing agents have better knowledge about the related industry in China and can do the local inspection to identify the capacity of the factory.

When you want to develop new products or buy new products, you will take the quality and the price as the first priority. The sourcing agent can go to visit the factories to check their capacity of production, and also their price level. Both agents and factories are Chinese, they can have better communication to negotiate the best price. Same time the agency can arrange different factories to make samples for the same products, then compare them to finally choose the best factory to make orders. With good quality and price, your products will be very competitive in the market, will help you to save cost and at the same time to achieve a better sell performance.

  • China sourcing agents can help to control the production processes and ensure the delivery time.

When the order started, the China sourcing agent can always keep an eye on the production. They can call or mail the factory to check the production status and also can go to the production line to check the real status and the production quality. When there are any problems, they can help the factory to communicate with you to avoid big mistakes and save communication time to ensure the delivery time. They can be your eyes and your representative to deal with anything that happened in the factory during the production.

  • China sourcing agent can do the on-site inspection for you.

After the end of the production, you have no idea whether the goods meet your requirements of all the details. At this time, the sourcing agent can help to do the inspection, and provide you no matter whether a document inspection report or video proof to show the products are qualified. If you have any doubts after checking the reports, efficient communication can be done, and make amendments before delivery.


All the above tells you the reasons why need to have a sourcing agency from China and how many advantages you will get by doing this. To make your business grow, better to take this step and look for a sourcing agency from China

Union Source is a sourcing agent from Ningbo China with nearly 20 years of experience who has developed a strong supply chain during these years.

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