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In the 30 years of China’s abandonment of the planned economy and market-oriented reform, several major regional economic sectors in China have been born. Each regional economic sector has its own economic characteristics, and the field of underwear is no exception. The following is a brief analysis of several major production bases of underwear in China.

10 Production Places For Underwear Manufacturer In China

Chaoyang, Shantou, Guangdong

The sector with the largest scale, the most complete industrial chain, and the most comprehensive types of underwear


This is the area with the largest production of underwear in China at present, with Gurao, a famous town in China, Chendian, a famous town in knitted underwear in China, Xiashan, a famous town in China’s household clothing, and Liangying, a famous town in knitting in China. Even Lugang Town, Simapu Town, Heping, Tongyu, and Guiyu, are also very impressive. It can be said to be the capital of underwear in China. Among them are several famous Chinese brands and well-known trademarks. The advantages of Shantou underwear are low price, flexible marketing, and a complete industrial chain. At present, the number of underwear companies is said to be more than 2,000.

Chaoyang Shantou Guangdong

Brand Representatives

A large number of well-known brands such as Manifen, Qiulu, American Standard, Dali, Yidalai, Osilandai, Xuenifang, Fenfang Wang, Wankang, Xinyi Series, New family, Xiadaifang, Jiao Ying, Caiting, Mandeli, Hongzi qing, June Rose, Murong family have been cultivated. The number of brands is as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Characteristic Features

It also has the most complete range of underwear in China. Bra for Gurao, bra for Chendian, pajamas for Simapo, home clothes for Xiashan, thermal underwear for Lu Gang, socks for Narita and underwear for puning (a traditional Chaoshan province) are all divided into different parts.

At the same time shantou here or the most perfect industrial chain in the region. Printing and dyeing, weaving, lace, sashes, sponges and so on, is a complete dragon. In the words of some people, just take the cotton and you can make underwear. Every year to underwear ready to order time, agents around the country attend a variety of orders to show. Here the most spectacular, to the number of roadside ocean like underwear image advertising and recruitment advertising, from this point alone, can also see one or two.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

In the long run, shantou underwear will maintain high-speed development. But the probability of producing a single leading brand is relatively small.

Underwear Manufacturer

Yanbu, Nanhai, Guangdong

The first to enter the second-tier bra market, and to carry out the market-oriented and regionalized plate.


This is the earliest regionally famous section of Chinese underwear, and it is also the first Chinese underwear town. The 7 major underwear brands in the past were booming, and the Nanhai Underwear City and the Model Beauty Contest were once sensational. The brands here occupy the top three positions in the second-tier underwear market. Due to the early implementation of modern enterprise management and market operation mode, the initial foundation for China’s underwear marketing has been laid, and a large number of underwear professionals have been trained. At present, there are more than 100 underwear companies. There are also several underwear companies in Guangzhou, such as Nashengsha, etc., which will not be mentioned here.

Yanbu Nanhai Guangdong

Brand Representatives

Carrie shi, Meisi, Olinong, man li, according to zhini, is a strong brand in the market. Others, such as Di Mengshi, Sisters, Fenglian, Anlis, are not to be underestimated.

Characteristic Features

The reason why Yanbu underwear is famous is actually two “early”, regional concept overall planning early, marketing innovation advertising creativity early. With these 2 early days, Salt Walk underwear has achieved great fame and glory. Talk about the current situation of the development of Underwear in China, even the history of underwear in China, Yanbu underwear should be a large book. Whether it is a single enterprise scale, brand influence, or product design, are countable and commendable.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

Yanbu underwear’s overall development speed will slow down, but the status of several leading underwear enterprises is difficult to shake.

Underwear Manufacturer

Gongming, Shenzhen, Guangdong

The first area to be processed by world-famous brands, and the plate that attracts many big brands to nest.


Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong, is the earliest place in the world to seek processing and OEM for underwear. There are 3 super-large underwear companies with more than 10,000 people, more than 20 well-known brands, and more than 100 underwear companies on the scale. Now the Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Exhibition has been opened, and it wants to compete with the China Acupuncture Association and the International Underwear Exhibition. There are also many underwear manufacturers in the neighboring Dongguan, which will not be mentioned here.

Gongming Shenzhen Guangdong

Brand Representatives

Fenyi, Delis, Snow Fairy, Manifin, New Siya, Divina, Hong Kong On Lifang, etc.

Characteristic Features

A lot of underwear enterprises claim to be shenzhen, actually a lot of just have a phone number in Shenzhen, or an office. Just like many enterprises claiming to be from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Europe and America. Actually Shenzhen underwear is to do export more, in the home is not a lot of well-known, although well-known, most is not Shenzhen instead. An Lifang was originally from Hong Kong, Manifen was originally from Shantou, one is to seek a good production base, one is to seek a good information marketing base, just the first Shenzhen. The biggest underwear export production enterprise, should be Shenzhen. It can be seen that Shenzhen is not only the gathering place of talents, but also the gathering place of manpower, or the best window of underwear export. Fenyi’s image has always been unique, and Manifen moved to Shenzhen, there is a completely changed performance.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

Shenzhen’s unique attractions will still attract big brands. But the cost of the rise, will decide Shenzhen underwear can only go high-end route, the low-end market will further atrophy, the good day of processing will gradually become the past.

Underwear Factory

Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong

 low-key development, the world’s largest underwear production base plate.


This is a belated “Chinese underwear town”, but it is a real Chinese underwear town. More than 300 underwear companies have propped up this golden sign. Especially underwear products can be called the world’s first. There are also a number of underwear companies in the nearby ancient town, Dongfeng Town, and Shaxi, forming a strong guard. Xiaolan, who has always been low-key in the Chinese underwear industry, has accumulated considerable regional strength.

Xiaolan Zhongshan Guangdong

Brand Representatives

Conia, Jianshen, Funilai, Huabara, Yizhe, Wenquan, Chuangyanuo, Liya, Ah Jishi, Anifang, Beauty girl, Kevi Brown, Die anfen, Weidron, etc. It can also be said to be a huge lineup.

Characteristic Features

Xiaolan’s high-grade boxset underwear is second to none in the world, which is different from jieyang Puning. In fact, Xiao LAN is not worse than the South China Sea salt step in underwear, in many aspects actually better. Konya is the first home clothing brand in China, Jianjiang is the first underwear brand in China, xiaolan’s order volume is also very large.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

Xiaolan long – term formation of professional underwear production technology, or in the domestic leading. With the successful application of “Famous underwear town in China”, Xiaolan chamber of Commerce also set up a special underwear association. I believe that in the near future, Xiaolan underwear will occupy its due position in the pattern of Underwear in China.

Underwear Factory

Jinjiang, Fujian, Shenzhen, and Shanghai

sectors are dedicated to the export of underwear.


Jinjiang, Fujian is a clothing production base represented by Septwolves, and the production of shoes also occupies an important position in China. As for underwear, few people know about it. In fact, Shenhu Town in Jinjiang is one of the earliest “Chinese underwear towns” in China. It is second only to Yanbu when it has won the honor. It is only because more than 90% of the underwear is exported, so it is rarely heard in China. There are more than 200 underwear manufacturers in Shenzhen and Shanghai, with nearly 40,000 employees, a considerable scale. There is a well-known Chinese trademark Hosa in this area.

Underwear Factory Cities

Brand Representatives

Haosha, Tong Yi, De Rong, jingdu, etc.

Characteristic Features

As the main enterprises are export, domestic sales are difficult to become a climate, so strong brands have the trend of moving marketing centers. Hao Sha has moved to Shanghai. The main export products here are underwear and swimwear.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

If the region does not work on its own design, development and branding, its future is bleak. The rise and fall of the region are closely linked to the international underwear market. This region is relatively weak in resisting market risks, so it appears that the whole visiting Beijing requires the adjustment of import and export tariffs.

Customized Underwear

Yiwu, Zhejiang

The largest segment of seamless underwear has sprung up and come from behind.


Although it is a rising star in the underwear industry, it occupies the limelight, that is Yiwu. “China’s Famous City of Seamless Knitting Garments”, the name looks really weird, but it is actually a business card specially tailored for Yiwu. The technological advantages of seamless underwear and its excellent body effect show a very good development prospect. At present, there are more than 600 seamless underwear manufacturers in Yiwu, including more than 120 large-scale enterprises, and 22 of them have annual sales exceeding 10 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that, driven by Yiwu, the surrounding Dongyang underwear has developed very well. China’s well-known trademark of water flowers was born here.

Yiwu Zhejiang

Brand Representatives

Lang Sha, Water Flower, Paojie, Yi Ting, Cheng Ai, Ai Lian, Zixiu, Feather Wing, Wan Yu, Oye, Boni, Sai Die, Bird of Fate, Goshman, Senimei, Hui Nongsi, Aibi Yi, National color tianxiang, etc.

Characteristic Features

The success of the underwear of Yiwu concerned the following several big factors.

First, the underwear industry is coming from behind, the seamless industry first: dare to be the first, and actively learn, so that yiwu people have the opportunity to seamless underwear;

Second, Yiwu is the location of China commodity city, Yiwu people have created bold and innovative practices, and abide by the integrity of business philosophy, the formation of modern operation ideas and models;

Third, people and Yiwu people have strong financial strength, the local government and financial institutions to support so that Yiwu seamless underwear get full start power, a huge momentum, extraordinary. This is the other several underwear towns can not match.

Xu Ning, secretary general of Yiwu Seamless weaving Industry Association, is in fact the agent of Italian seamless equipment hymn Holy Toni in China. They sell equipment at the same time, but also bring a lot of European and American clothing technology design information, so that yiwu seamless enterprise starting point is very high.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

In the train of thought open, abundant funds, advanced science and technology under the troika drive, there is reason to believe that Yiwu seamless underwear after a period of accumulation, will be great glory.

Custom Underwear

Wenzhou, Zhejiang

A tepid, well-established plate.


Wenzhou’s clothing, shoes, hats, lighters, etc., are very famous in China, in fact, underwear is also very good. On the one hand, many famous foreign and international famous brands choose to process in Wenzhou, which is also the processing area favored by foreign underwear, especially high-end underwear. On the other hand, there are also many underwear enterprises, and underwear and related supporting enterprises. It is said that there are more than 400 enterprises, which is an astonishing number. And a group of well-known brands of underwear led by Kangnai appeared. Thermal underwear in Cixi and Xiaoshan has also developed very well, so I won’t mention it in detail here.

zhejiang wenzhou

Brand Representatives

North Pole rookie, Kang Nai, Brother Hua, Lai Shi, Yan Wang, Feng Qi er, etc.

Characteristic Features

Wenzhou underwear and other areas are not the same, not specifically underwear, but all walks of life together. However, in Wenzhou underwear and other industries, there is a tradition of unity, emphasizing the integration of resources, since 2003, under the organization of the association, many times participated in the China knitwear expo, the purpose of regional integration is very obvious. Wenzhou underwear industry has 17 joint exhibitors, giving a person an illusion, as if Wenzhou has become the boss of the underwear industry. No wonder the chief editor of underwear special issue of dress guide newspaper (concurrently vice president of Wenzhou knitwear branch) set up office directly in Wenzhou, the original news is rich, business opportunities are infinite.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

Wenzhou section can maintain the current position, even if good. If we can cultivate individual big brands, and then drive the overall quality improvement and quantity increase, there will be new hope.

Wholesale Underwear


A plate where top Chinese underwear brands gather.


Once, in the era of planned economy, Shanghai underwear was the absolute leader in China. After all, it is Shanghai Beach with a long history and profound heritage. Now it is an eastern metropolis, and various foreign brands have chosen to land here, even overshadowing the limelight of Shenzhen. Although there are not many underwear companies in Shanghai, all of them are elites. There are only less than 200 companies, but the annual sales are tens of billions. Among the 113 member companies of the Shanghai Underwear Association, there are nearly 300 million in ancient and modern times, and Triumph has more than 400 million. In 2004, the sales of Three Guns reached 1.4 billion. These are all staggering figures. The underwear industry, which has a relatively small concentration, rather than other profiteering industries, has made such achievements the envy of manufacturers in other regions.


Brand Representatives

Local: Sanqiang, ancient and modern, Dargis, Pegasus, Hua Zhong, Hua ai, Pallanduo, Chrysanthemum, High-tech warm card, Arctic velvet, Duocolor, Xian Lu, The Brocade of heaven, I do not know, xiao Xue, Antarctic fox; Hong Kong import: for beauty; Imported from Taiwan: Qilier, Oudifen, Oudaili, Yiershuang. Foreign Triumph, Berian and so on.

Characteristic Features

According to the data that association of Shanghai underwear industry offers, of underwear industry “China famous brand” in, Shanghai knitting underwear kind brand accounts for 29%, brand of global world top class underwear has 81.25% already settled in Shanghai, which dominate Shanghai underwear market still is domestic well-known brand however. Shanghai underwear industry has been super – routine development these years. Their development goal is to build Shanghai’s underwear industry into a leading fashion underwear industry in the country and become the world’s fifth largest fashion underwear capital after New York, Milan, London and Paris. Whether it is a Chinese famous brand, or a Chinese well-known trademark, this has become a very common thing, because of a number of international famous brands stationed, making Shanghai become China’s underwear the highest end of the regional section. The underwear enterprise of a lot of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, settle in Shanghai or be proud of the name, fully see “Shanghai underwear” the glamour of gold signboard.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

Shanghai underwear as the most powerful flag of Chinese underwear, will still fly high. However, we must reluctantly retreat in areas we are not good at, and respect the status quo of the division of labor. 

Underwear Wholesale


It is a huge, but about to decline plate with profound heritage. 


The Jiangsu section is mainly Changzhou and Wuxi. The past history of this section is similar to that of Shanghai, and it is also a traditional “textile province”. In official data, Jiangsu’s underwear output is about one-tenth of the national output, still occupying an important position. Actual discounts may apply. There are two iconic large-scale clothing and underwear companies, AB Group and Hongdou Group, who have won honors such as China Famous Brand and China Famous Trademark for Jiangsu Underwear, and their production and sales are also at the forefront of the industry.


Brand Representatives

Jiangsu AB Group, red beans, snow bamboo, Song Di, top, extraordinary love, and so on.

Characteristic Features

As a textile province, Jiangsu underwear design talent is very rich, the national underwear industry design management backbone talents, there are a lot of People in Jiangsu figure. In terms of talent resources, Jiangsu has congenital advantages and profound deposits. Jiangsu in underwear fabrics and production technology is in the country’s leading, the potential is still very optimistic.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

Once a big textile province, it is no longer its former glory, and it is difficult to recover the past glory. Hope Jiangsu underwear can be like underwear fabric enterprises, with the spirit of scientific and technological innovation and marketing innovation, reshaping the new era of Jiangsu underwear.



For export to Japan and South Korea, emerging single OEM processing sector.


Underwear companies in Shandong are mainly concentrated in Qingdao and Jinan. According to official statistics, among the more than 300 knitting enterprises in the province, 80 have an annual output of more than 3 million pieces, 16 have an annual output of more than 10 million pieces, and 7 have an annual output of more than 20 million pieces. The annual output of Shandong knitting reaches 10 billion pieces, and more than 70% are exported overseas. According to the survey, 4.9 out of 10 Japanese people wear knitted underwear produced in Shandong. Shandong Knitting has a large scale, many enterprises, a strong variety development capability, and high product quality.


Brand Representatives

Jifa, Tihui, Zhenqing, Yuanshou, Hongnuo, and so on.

Characteristic Features

Shandong was originally a big textile province, but after the reform and opening up, the vast majority of state-owned underwear enterprises can not adapt to the competition and were eliminated. Only a few enterprises, through restructuring, adjusting production layout, changing management direction, change management model, survive, such as Shandong true knitting group, and Ji ‘nan head knitting group. Sing the leading role in Shandong underwear now, it is a batch of private enterprises, such as Qingdao hair, become the banner of Shandong underwear now, it is Shandong only “China famous brand” and “China well-known trademark” the brand of the title.

【Comprehensive Assessment】

The successful export of Shandong underwear will continue to maintain a good momentum of development; In order to become an independent century-old brand and pursue higher profits, it is time to build its own brand culture and explore its own design ability, otherwise, it will be nibbled by other regional underwear brands sooner or later.


Underwear, known as the “second skin” of human beings, is a daily consumable with a huge demand group.Underwear in a broad sense includes bra, panties, shapewear, body warmer, pajamas, swimsuit, sports underwear, etc.

With the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, female consumers have a higher level of pursuit for underwear and pay more attention to the comfort, fashion and brand of underwear, so the underwear industry has achieved rapid development in recent years.Obviously, the underwear industry is a very promising industry, worthy of our dedication.

The market position of professional underwear needs to be recognized. In terms of brand influence, product richness, supply chain comprehensiveness, quality reliability, consumption channel completeness and other aspects, professional underwear brands will have more advantages and will gain a strong market position in the future.

If you have made up your mind to enter the lingerie industry, but don’t know how to turn your idea into reality, how to customize your underwear design, don’t worry, don’t regard it as a distant task, because we can guide you through the whole process of underwear production.

As long as you follow me step by step, you’ll feel much better.

8 Steps to Customize Underwear in China Factories

Find the right factory

Underwear factories can be divided into two categories. One specialises in seamless underwear (such as sports bras), with simple styles and patterns. The other is more skilled in handmade underwear and can make more styles and patterns of bras. So before you choose a factory, you should make sure your bra is seamless or delicate.

Seamless underwear manufacturers usually buy yarns of different fibers and weave them into tubular fabrics by machine. These tubular fabrics can be made into various types of seamless underwear by simple hand processing. Because seamless underwear is mostly one-piece, simple style, the tailor’s requirements are relatively low. Such factories struggle to meet the demands of delicate underwear.

Factories that make ordinary underwear focus on hand-making. They usually buy fabrics and accessories and have them hand-sewn into bras by workers. So more experienced tailors are needed. If the underwear you need is delicate and complex, this kind of factory is a better choice.

1 1

Make an inquiry and get the initial quotation

Provide the relevant design data of the bra that needs to be customized to the factory, and they will quote the initial price according to the main fabric, accessories and order quantity required. Of course, you can also design new styles and provide the design drawings to the factory. They will give you a rough price after estimating the cost of materials and labor.

If you can provide samples to Chinese factory, you can get a more accurate price. Because the factory can better understand what kind of fabric and accessories to use and how complicated the process is, they can offer you a more accurate and reasonable price.

2 2

Sample making according to your requirement

If you find the initial quote from the factory acceptable and reasonable, you can ask the factory to make a sample for you, and the factory will charge a sample fee around $100 for one single sample. Although the size of the lingerie you need is different, one sample of one size is enough for you to check the level of the sewing crafts of the factory.

As we mention the sample fees, we can not leave out the model fee. Take it as an example, for bra production, the cup model is indispensable to help form the shape of the cup. If you are ordering bras, you should make sure if the factory has the cup model of the bras you designed.

If not, the factory would have to make a new model for you and it’s going to cost around $150-200 model fee. So it is vital to choose a professional underwear factory as they own more kinds of cup models for you to choose from.

Confirm the size and quantity. Place an order

There are many details to confirm with your supplier before you place your order.

A.Confirm measurements and quantities for each size

You only made one size sample when you made the sample, now each size should be measured accurately.Because size standards vary from country to country.You should also specify how many units of each size to buy and then write down the quantity of each size for the supplier on the purchase contract or invoice.

3 1

B.Confirm the accessories list and fabric color

There are a wide variety of underwear accessories, especially bras.It is suggested to ask the supplier to put all the accessories on the list for your confirmation.In addition, in order to avoid color difference, you can send the fabric to the factory according to the color you want or ask the factory to send fabric samples of different colors to you for convenient choice of color.We often use the Pantone color card for color verification.

4 1

Factory purchase fabric and accessories

After you pay the deposit and confirm all the details, the factory will start preparing all the fabrics and accessories.Since the accessories required for underwear production are diverse, the factory will go to the market to find the right supplier for each accessory that meets your requirements.

Pre-production sample

In order for you to determine if the supplier meets all the criteria, you can ask the factory to make some pre-production samples after paying the deposit.The pre-production sample is made of exactly the same material as the bulk product and is an accurate representation of the final product you will receive.Pre-production samples must be submitted prior to mass production. If any errors are found, it is vital that you have the opportunity to point them out to the supplier and correct them promptly.

Arrange production plan and start mass production

If you agree to pre-produce the sample, the factory will start mass production.The entire production process would last about 15-30 days. It depends on the arrangement of the factory’s order as the factory receives orders from other customers. It also depends on the complexity of the underwear you expect, and the quantity you order.

Therefore, It usually takes 40-60 days from scheduling, purchasing fabrics to finishing the whole production. Just in case the stock can not be replenished timely, it is suggested to purchase a little more quantity each time you place the order as the whole production cycle of underwear is very long.  


Quality inspection and shipment

Quality control is the guarantee of quality. For intimate clothing customers have higher requirements for quality, and the factory has stricter quality control.In addition, after experiencing the previous production links, the final packaging process can finally breathe a sigh of relief, and the order can be completed soon.But the packaging link is the most easy to be customer complaints, so it is not relaxed.It is important to check the quality of the goods before shipping them.After the mass production is completed, you can ask the supplier to select some samples randomly and send them to you.If you find there is no problem with the quality, you can ask the forwarder to arrange shipment.

Sum Up

According to the elaboration in the previous section, we can obviously see a phenomenon, that is, the underwear industry has formed an industrial cluster, Guangdong Shantou, Fujian Shenhu, Nanhai Yanbu, Zhongshan Xiaolan, Shenzhen Gongming, Zhejiang Yiwu and so onEach industrial cluster has its own regional advantages. And the underwear enterprise outside the industrial cluster, but few succeed. Companies in each industrial group appear to be in direct competition, but in fact, they are mutually dependent. Similar enterprises together, the raw material industry chain is the same, easy to develop cheap access at the same time. After forming the advantages of the plate, it becomes attractive to agents and even foreign buyers, so as to move towards the road of common development.

Looking from above, the same area, between its brand, have a certain immanent commonality however, also not strange. Shantou Gurao and Chen store, bra in the majority; Shantou Sima Pu and Xiashan, home service in the majority; People of lu Gang and xiashan, thermal underwear in the majority; Narita, socks in the majority; Puning, low-end underwear in the majority, Xiaolan, boxed underwear in the majority; Nanhai, high-grade second-line bra in the majority; Shenzhen, high-grade underwear and export; Shenzhen and Shanghai, middle and low-grade underwear bra swimsuit majority; Yiwu, seamless underwear in the majority; Wenzhou, the majority of thermal underwear; In Shanghai, thermal underwear and high-end bras dominate. Jiangsu, the traditional middle and low-grade warmth and bra; Shandong, middle-grade export underwear in the majority; In Beijing, high-grade cultural concept underwear is in the majority.

Our Advantages

We are a professional underwear manufactory with more than 17 years of experience, which was founded in 2005. We have 200 skilled workers and the factory covers an area of 10000 sq. meters. More than 100 sets of sewing machines(Single needle, double-needle,four-thread overlocking, zigzag, lace cover stitch machines, etc.) and 30 seamless machines.

factory resources

We have a wide range of products, such as underwear, lingerie, shapewear, swimwear, yoga sportswear, pajamas, jeans, sweater, socks, shirts, etc. We have certificates”BSCI”, “OEKO-TEX”,”-Sedex”, “GOTS”, Disney Audit, and so on.


We have our own factories in many of the ten underwear production bases mentioned above. We can help you purchase from the above ten cities and brands. We also have our own offices in Shantou and Gurao in Guangzhou, and Shenhu in Fujian. You can feel free to contact us if you want to purchase underwear, we will provide you with the best supply chain services.

The End

If you are just starting an underwear business, I would suggest underwear markets for you to reach different suppliers with diverse products. Learn how to import underwear from China in this post. However, when you are experienced in underwear import, or even can be an expert at a couple of underwear kinds, in this case, you could visit these production places and contact directly with factories.

Thanks for coming with me here. Hope this post can help you know more about Underwear Manufacturing In China. Do you have any others to add or ask? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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