Underwear Manufacturers Teach You to Distinguish Underwear Fabrics and Accessories

Underwear Manufacturers

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When making underwear, we can choose from a variety of fabrics and accessories. Different fabrics and accessories will have different effects. So how do we choose? Here is a list of underwear fabrics and accessories that we request from the excellent underwear manufacturers we cooperate with so that you can clearly understand the characteristics of different underwear fabrics and accessories.

Underwear Fabric

Generally, natural fiber is an ideal underwear fabric, such as cotton, silk. It feels comfortable, sweat absorption, moisture absorption. It is the optimal underwear choice for the summer! But once wet, it is not easy to dry. Also need to change in time or regularly.

Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is widely used in sports underwear, children’s underwear, and men’s underwear. But it has poor scalability. So we always make cotton elastane blended to increase the elasticity of the fabric.


  • High moisture absorption ability and breathability
  • Easy to color and print
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Environmental protection


  • Easy wrinkled and deformation
  • Easy to shrink
  • Sticky hairs

Cotton fabric comes in many forms, such as sweatshirts, threads, jacquard, or seamless.

Underwear Manufacturers

Silk fabric

Silk fabric is very soft and smooth. Underwear in silk will look a high-level feeling. It is more suitable for making women’s underwear, pajamas.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong moisture absorption and release
  • UV radiation


  • Maintenance and washing are more troublesome
  • Prone to static electricity

Sometimes in order to make the style more fashionable, need to use some other types of fabric, such as lace, terylene.

Lace Fabric

More common are the following 5 kinds of lace fabric

  • Water-soluble lace. This type of lace is made by weaving viscose filament or polyester thread onto the lining paper, which is then dissolved with hot water


good handle and finish, various patterns, and certain elasticity, and the fabric as a whole will have a sense of standing.

  • Chemical lace. Chemical fiber lace is made of chemical fiber as the main raw material, spandex is more common


The price will be much cheaper, the wear resistance and toughness of the fabric are very good, not easy to damage and fracture.

  • Cotton fabric lace. this kind of lace is a kind of fabric made of cotton interlining cloth through embroidery and hollowing, which is widely used in lace.


The elasticity and feel are particularly close to cotton cloth, and the price is also cheaper than water-soluble lace, but the color is generally only white.

  • Cotton thread lace. This type of lace is made from cotton thread


Thick, rough feel, but not easy to wrinkle

  • Embroidered lace. Cotton or other fabric is used to create a lace shape on a mesh base


The fabric feels smooth and elastic, but the flaw is that it can easily be torn.

Terylene fabric

Chemical name Polyester, the simplest crafts of terylene among the three synthetic fibers make its price cheaper.


  • Solid, the intensity is second only to the best wear resistance-Nylon
  • Not easy to winkle
  • not change color under the sunlight exposure
  • Easy to wash and dry


  • Relatively rough touch comparing to nylon fabric
  • Poor ventilation and sweat absorption
  • Easy to generate a static charge

Underwear Accessories

Underwear refers to the clothes worn close to the body, including a vest, undershirt, shorts, bra, etc., usually directly contact the skin, is one of the indispensable modern clothing.

So what are the underwear accessories?

Underwear with a wide range of accessories, underwire, padding, binding, elastic, shoulder straps, buckles, lace trim, bone, jewelry, and so on.

Underwear Manufacturers


The underwire is used for the lower edge of the bra and is an important part of keeping the shape of the bra. The underwire keeps the bra in perfect shape and makes it a snugger, which holds the bust in place and creates the perfect shape for the bust.

Underwire is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The rims are soft and hard. The soft rims are narrow and suitable for women with small breasts. The hard steel ring is relatively thick, suitable for the female with fuller breasts.


The padding of underwear basically is to point to make up for human body modeling, the bosom is concentrated, make bosom is plumper, and in the next cup of cover cup or side next cup increases cotton bag, water bag, airbag to wait. They can be fixed or used as inserts and adjusted as needed.


Binding is the auxiliary material used to fix the steel rim to the lower edge of the cup. It is made of polyester-cotton and shaping yarn, and the steel rim is wrapped inside and fixed at the bottom of the cup.


There are many kinds of rubber bands and they are very elastic. Its width and shape are different, and it is usually used for the lower circumference of the bra, shoulder, and waistline of underwear to increase the elasticity and flexibility of these parts.

Underwear Manufacturers

Shoulder strap

The shoulder strap is a specialized ribbon factory according to the color of underwear processing finished shoulder strap, sewing only needs to cut out the required length, the suture can.

There are many kinds of shoulder straps, lace, transparent, non-slip, compose meat-type……, you can also use rubber bands directly, which are of different width and variety.

Now I think you have more understanding about underwear fabric and you will have a good sense of judgment when it comes to choosing it. Leave a comment if anything puzzles you,  we will do our best to help. Click to submit an inquiry if you want to customize underwear, we would like to quote the price for you or send our catalog to you. Thanks for watching.

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