9 Tips For Underwear wholesale In Yiwu International Trade Mart

Underwear Wholesale
When you go to Yiwu international trade mart wholesale underwear for the first time, please remember the 9 points.

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1. Yiwu Underwear Wholesale Market Introduction

With the improvement of people’s concept of their clothing quality, more and more people pay attention to the field of underwear, and the market prospect of underwear is getting better and better. Yiwu underwear wholesale market is located between China Commodity City and Yiwu Knitting Market. The most famous one is Baolian East Street. With the continuous development of the underwear market, Lijiang Street, Lushan Street, and Guilin Street are gradually enriched. Most of the underwear wholesalers here are direct sellers and agents from underwear production bases across China, and many of them are local seamless underwear manufacturers in Yiwu.

At present, there are 1,690 underwear dealers in the Yiwu wholesale market, which is far more than other Chinese inter-bank markets. In 2020, Yiwu underwear market sales will reach more than 6 billion yuan, becoming China’s largest underwear trading wholesale market.

Yiwu underwear wholesale market is mainly composed of four categories: bras, shorts, underwear, and swimwear. The main source of goods is Guangdong, accounting for 55%, Yiwu accounting for 20%, Dongyang accounting for 15%, in addition, there are some from Jiangsu Wuxi, Danyang, Shengzhou, Ruian, and other places. At present, there are more than 200 underwear manufacturers in Dongyang and more than 350 in Yiwu. Mainly concentrated in Yiwu.

Underwear Wholesale

2. Underwear Wholesale Tips

There are many things in Yiwu underwear wholesale market, which are quite competitive. The same things have completely different prices. Every wholesaler hates those customers who only ask for prices and don’t buy things. In the eyes of these wholesalers, these customers are commercial spies.

When you go to wholesale underwear for the first time, ask the wholesaler what the price of underwear is, and the wholesaler will quote you the retail price. Why? Because wholesalers don’t believe you are here for wholesale, so often we go to wholesale but can’t get the real wholesale price. To convince those wholesalers that you are here for wholesale, please remember the following points

Wholesale dress and tools

Dress: Buyers in the wholesale market wear a variety of styles, so everyone feels that it doesn’t matter what they wear. This concept is wrong. The dressing is too casual. Even if you go wholesale, you will be considered a small customer by them, and will not quote you the actual wholesale price.

Tools: black plastic bags, this is a sign of going to the wholesale market. I have tried it myself, and the price given by the wholesaler after observing you is completely different. Of course, if you are preparing for large-scale wholesale, pull a two-wheeled trolley and no one will doubt your identity.

Underwear wholesale budget

Wholesalers generally ask: what is the wholesale price; how much can be discounted. Don’t say: “How to sell this?” The difference between the word and the meaning is completely different. The most annoying thing for wholesalers in the wholesale market is retail.

The wholesale budget should be based on the actual situation of the company, clarify the funds, types, and quantities for each wholesale or replenishment so that even if the overruns are exceeded, you can be aware of it.

Underwear wholesale survey

To conduct Yiwu underwear wholesale market research, you must have two good habits: first; interested merchants should ask for business cards or record with paper and pen; second, compare the contents of each wholesaler: price, quality, minimum wholesale quantity, return and exchange Convenience of goods, packaging, replenishment, etc. After collating and comparing the collected data, you can select a suitable wholesaler. If you don’t have time for detailed research, don’t buy it right away when you enter the market. First, look at how many wholesalers are choosing.

Kids Underwear

Confirmation of wholesale

The list of the wholesale quantity and price of underwear must be kept so that it is convenient to record the wholesale situation and is also a proof of return and exchange. Whether it is an online store or a physical store, it must be replenished and wholesaled continuously. In this way, you can not only maintain a good relationship, but also negotiate the price and quantity after familiarization, and at the same time understand their wholesale experience.

Keep the contact information of the wholesaler, and summarize the problems in the wholesale process, such as brand, model or style, price, quantity, size, fabric, etc. Only in this way can we accumulate more experience for future wholesale.

Striving for a cheap wholesale price

The biggest difference between wholesale and retail is that wholesalers sell a single product with low profits and only make money through a large number of shipments, while retailers sell a single product with high profits, but the shipment volume is smaller than that of wholesalers. At the beginning of the store opening, most of the operators did not want to press too many products, so they would choose to buy only a small part of each product as a sample, and gradually understand the consumer’s market demand through the sample. If you find that the demand for the product is very large, then decide to replenish it, because this is relatively safe and the risk is small. But this method also has a disadvantage. When you ask a wholesaler to buy a single product, no one is willing to give it to you. Even if it gives you the price, it will be much higher than the wholesale price. In this way, the higher wholesale price of your product plus profits will inevitably lead to your price being uncompetitive, and many customers will give up buying, which will invisibly interfere with your judgment on the market prospects of this product. Therefore, before you do, you need to understand the customer group’s needs in-depth, have absolute confidence in your selection of goods, give the wholesaler enough sincerity and confidence in the wholesale process, and use the quantity to get a good wholesale price for yourself.

Control the quantity of wholesale

The wholesale quantity includes many aspects, such as the wholesale amount, the type of the wholesale product, the type and amount of a single product, and so on. For the first time, there should be as many types of wholesale goods as possible, because you need to give customers a variety of product choices. When you have a particular understanding of the customer, you can lock in a particular type of product, because funds are always limited. Only by intensively investing funds in a particular type of product can you increase the wholesale volume of a single product. Wholesalers give lower wholesale prices.

Underwear Fabric

Get support from wholesalers

There are two factors for the wholesaler’s support for you: the first is your first wholesale amount, if your first wholesale amount is too small, the wholesaler will think you have no strength; the second is the frequency of replenishment if you often arrive The wholesaler goes to replenish the goods. Even if the quantity is not large, the wholesaler still thinks that your goods turn around quickly, which can bring him long-term benefits. The wholesaler’s support for you is shown in that it will notify you as soon as there is a new product, and it may automatically adjust the price during the next wholesale. And if the wholesaler thinks you are an important customer, they will usually reveal to you the recent hot sales of the type of goods. Knowing these prices will help you make more accurate judgments about the market and customers.

Check your product

When you mention the goods, you only need to check the quantity. Generally, you can ask for replacement after you go back and find that the product is defective (of course, not too far away from the wholesale time). If you check in the wholesale store after picking up the goods, the wholesaler will think that you are a troublesome customer and will not want to deal with you for a long time.

Adjusting the wholesale price of underwear

The profit of a single product of wholesalers is very low, and the price reduction of the product is generally adjusted to 2% to 3%. In the wholesale market, the transportation of general goods is by car or rail, because the transportation cost is much lower than that of express delivery, and the buyer is responsible for it. If you encounter a good wholesaler, he will at most help you to consign it, but the transportation The cost and freight are paid by the buyer.

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