Underwear Packaging: Customized Packaging Ways and Packing Steps for The Underwear

Underwear Packaging

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Most people will only pay attention to the product itself but ignore the packaging. But the truth is that customized packaging and the packing step is the last but not the least step in the underwear production process.

First, I will discuss the packing ways. There are many packing ways for the underwear, we have a professional design team so I will recommend some proper packaging suggestions based on your product features, sales channel, and budget. Also, many customers will send their own packing way inspiration, we can also follow it.

The following is a list of packaging methods

Self-adhesive seal OPP packaging bag

Zipper bag

Non-woven Fabric Bag


The Process of Customizing a Packaging

Above all packing, ways can print your own logo and the words. Next, I will statement the process of customized packaging.


receive the layout or we recommend the design, then confirm the design.


We will offer the price based on the design and the material.


We will make a sample based on the design, you can check the quality and the effect.


After the sample is confirmed, then we will arrange the bulk. It needs 10-15days.


After all, if approved, we will arrange the shipment.

Next I will introduce how to pack the Bra

For Importer, the volume is cost. For customers, the portable is relaxing.

For importer,we must will consider one factor:the cost.

So how to pack can save space is a very important thing, space is cost. I will show you the regular packing method that will be put into the out carton.

  1. First you can put 10 or 20pcs bra as the below,please ensure the inner cup is match to the inner cup to avoid any folded.
  2. Then the above bra packs into a big polybag to avoid dust.
  3. Final put all bra into the out carton orderly.

For customer,we will consider the portability.

1. Molded Bras

Molded bras are not thin or flexible pieces of fabric. Based on this shape, molded bras are more delicate and to be damaged. To keep them intact, please use these packing tips:

●Avoid Folding – For molded bras, the best folding method is none. Twisting, inverting, or folding the cups often damages their shape or leaves wrinkles.

●Save Space – Don’t leave your molded bras for the suitcase corners. A separate box or bag is preferable for structure protection. If that’s unavailable, make sure to leave enough space at the top of your suitcase.

●Padding or Stuffing – consider padding in particular for your molded bras. That extra sock or tissue paper can be the final protection against damage.

2. Non-Molded Bras (Bralettes)

Any cup with soft fabric (or non-molded cups) can be considered a bralette. For the bra with the wire, we need to insist use the molded bra rules and ensuring all clip is closed. If the bra is without the wire, then we can fold it as a regular small T-shirt. However, do not roll your bralettes fabric—it could destroy or stretch the fabric.

3. Sports Bra

Usually, sports bras are more durable than other bras—after all, They need to endure sports. But your sports bras still need protection on the road. For all shapes and types, here are some sports bra packing tips.

●Compression – a compression sports bra is simple to pack. Just fold the piece evenly like a small shirt and put it into the straps. Then, pack into the independent bag.

●Padded – some sports bras have removable cups. If the padded cups are unremovable, follow the rules of molded bras—layer evenly and unfolded. If the padded cups are removable, simply remove the pads and fold the sports bra like a piece of clothing.

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