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In this article, I will show you how to find a suitable customized underwear manufacturer from China in four simple ways. But first, you must know what kind of manufacturer your customized underwear needs. No matter how many underwears you customize, this is something you must consider and the first step to start.

If you are interested in how we find custom underwear manufacturers, reading this article will bring you closer to your underwear business dream.

Know which manufacturer you need for your customized underwear

As we all know, underwear is a necessity for all ages in all countries and occupies a stable share in the market. With the improvement of people’s happiness index, its demand also expands. The first step to finding a customized underwear manufacturer is to clearly understand which type of manufacturer you need. We divide it into the following four types.

Ordinary underwear

Ordinary underwear

Ordinary underwear is the most popular explosive product for women. It is characterized by “health and comfort”. Most of its components are cotton and spandex. It has the characteristics of sweat absorption, ventilation, and strong warmth retention. If you want to import cheap underwear, you’d better order in large quantities.

Fashion underwear

Fashion underwear

Fashion underwear is characterized by its “novel design” and fully meets the characteristics of women’s natural love for beauty. In addition to having a strong perception of the trend, it also needs to build its own series of brands, improve brand awareness, and occupy market share, to obtain more profits.

Sports underwear

Sports underwear

Sports underwear is characterized by its “close-fitting fixation”, which can perfectly combine the curve shape of the body with comfort. It has the characteristics of anti-vibration and sweat absorption. It can well avoid the damage to women’s chest caused by vibration during sports, and fully reflect the sense of generation and vitality.

Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear generally takes place as the main decoration, which is highly ornamental. However, different from fashion underwear, it shows more elegance and romance and pays more attention to functional design. Most of the components are nylon and spandex, which adds a lot of vividness and chic to the clothing culture.

Confirm whether the customized model is its own brand

Customized models and private brands can improve brand awareness. If you only import products from the manufacturer with design drawings, it is difficult for your products to stand out because the manufacturer can also export them to other merchants, and the attraction and charm of the products will be greatly reduced.

How to use customized models as their own brands? You need to confirm the following four things with the manufacturer.

a. Confirm your process, design, fabric, and quality to obtain quotation;

b. Confirm your standard size. Due to different regions, the size may be different;

c. Confirm your own brand and packaging, design and make your own unique packaging;

d. Confirm the quality of samples before mass production and ensure that the mass production quality is consistent with it.

How to find suppliers

Finding a suitable customized underwear manufacturer is time-consuming work, and the return may be unsatisfactory. So how to improve the efficiency of finding a manufacturer and find a suitable manufacturer? Let’s introduce you to the following three points.

Alibaba / Global express and other online platforms

You must have heard of Alibaba because it is the largest online wholesale platform. There are a large number of suppliers on the platform. You can search according to your needs and select the appropriate manufacturer for communication, but you should pay attention to screening information in the process of searching. In addition to Alibaba, global express is also an online market under the Alibaba group, which aims to help small enterprises expand the market. Therefore, the minimum order quantity of global express is less than that of Alibaba. If you want to buy a small number of products, global express is your best choice.

Field visits in industrial clusters

With a vast territory and abundant resources, China has a long history of 5000 years, and its traditional culture has a long history. At the same time, thanks to the birth of cultural background, it has formed a number of industrial clusters, such as Shantou, Guangdong, Yiwu, Zhejiang, Dongguan, Fujian, Jinjiang, Guangdong, Zhongshan, etc., all of which have a sound scale and industrial chain. The types of underwear are also the largest, forming a regional industrial cluster, through intensive field visits, you can find the right manufacturer of customized underwear.

China Trade Fairs and professional market

In the exhibition and professional market, you can visit various products on-site and talk face to face with manufacturers. You can find suitable customized underwear manufacturers in various exhibitions such as the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, the Consumer Fair in Ningbo, the China Fair in Shanghai, and the voluntary Yiwu Fair, as well as various professional markets distributed in industrial clusters, such as Yiwu International Trade City, the world’s largest wholesale market.

Start mass production, quality supervision, and transportation

After confirming all links and details with the manufacturer, mass production can be carried out as planned. In the production process, you need to supervise the quality of goods, and it is necessary to check the quality through the purchasing agent or a third-party inspection company. If the quality of bulk goods meets the standard, you can choose the appropriate mode of transportation for import.

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