How To Find The Most Reliable Wholesale China Suppliers?

china suppliers

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If you are inexperienced, you may encounter some troubles in the process of finding suitable wholesale china suppliers. However, once you know how to distinguish excellent and reliable suppliers, it will become simple and easy. In this article, we will discuss how to find reliable wholesale suppliers in China. In addition, you will know what capabilities a regular wholesale supplier should have. You will be more confident to choose the right Chinese wholesale supplier for your business.

·Before looking for China suppliers, you need to consider:

 You must first determine the level of matching suppliers with your own company, whether you are looking for China’s top or middle-level or low-end manufacturers.

1. The rankings of top manufacturers and professional websites for domestic brands are very reference and easy to find. After finding them, go to the supplier’s website to understand the basic situation of the company, and then contact the other party.

2. For a mid-level manufacturer, this requires you to have a certain amount of accumulation in this industry. Participating in domestic exhibitions is a very important way. Some people correspond to this industry, and they usually have the resources you need. Or find a gathering place for the industry, and then go to the local family home to see it.

3. Low-end manufacturers are mainly searched through platforms such as Alibaba, and consulted by telephone or inquiry mail.

china suppliers

·The way to find China suppliers

1. Exhibition

Participating in the exhibition can see a large number of suppliers in a concentrated way, and can gather a lot of information at once.

China’s two most influential international exhibitions for commodity exports, one is the Canton Fair and the other is the Yiwu Fair.

The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete variety of goods, the largest number of buyers, the widest distribution in countries and regions, the best transaction effect, and the best reputation in China. Each session of the Canton Fair has an exhibition scale of 1.185 million square meters. There are nearly 26,000 domestic and foreign exhibitors, and about 200,000 overseas buyers from more than 210 countries and regions purchase transactions here.

Yiwu Fair is the largest, most influential, and most effective consumer goods exhibition in the world today, and one of the most important export commodity exhibitions of the Ministry of Commerce of China. Yiwu brings together more than 4,000 well-known domestic and foreign companies to set up general distributors and general agents here. There are more than 8,000 permanent purchase foreign merchants, and 1,000 from more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, France, Brazil, and the Middle East. Many companies have set up branches in Yiwu, exporting more than 400,000 standard containers of goods annually to 212 countries and regions. Yiwu has become a fast channel to enter the international market.

Professional exhibition

Unlike public exhibitions, professional exhibitions are more focused on one type of product. This means that you can find all suppliers of this type of product together, which is more targeted. For example, if you only want to purchase construction machinery products or accessories, you need to go to BICES, not the Canton Fair.

If you want to know more about the China exhibition, you can read this article in detail:
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2. Internet

There used to be an international procurement forum with the theme of Internet thinking and innovation in supply chain models. We can summarize the Internet in three sentences: First, the Internet has changed the way of life; second, the Internet is changing the way companies operate; third, the Internet will change the way society is managed. With the development of the times, searching for suppliers on the Internet has become the most commonly used method for purchasers.

2.1 Search for China suppliers through search engines

We have done statistics, 60.7% of overseas purchasers will search for suppliers through search engines. Among them, Google is recognized as the number one search engine. As of January this year, Google’s world market share of search engines was 92.86%!

Therefore, in China, large and medium-sized foreign trade companies will choose to build a Google website. On the Google website, you can learn about the company’s main product information, corporate information, and other knowledge about Chinese suppliers.

2.2 Looking for China suppliers through B2B platforms

The more well-known B2B platforms in China are Alibaba, Made in China, Global Sources, and so on.

Most of the suppliers on these platforms have no experience in foreign trade. Some factories offer good prices and quality. At the same time, because of language reasons, most foreign buyers cannot find them.

Therefore, the domestic B2B platform is relatively good for traders and after-sales. Choose a supplier platform with high quality and low price. Not only can there be more options in choosing the factory, but it also avoids the embarrassment of customers encountering the same supplier.

Offline, you can go to the industrial zone more, chat more with your suppliers, and learn as much as possible about the specific situation of the industry.

If you want to know more about online purchasing methods and techniques, you can read this article in detail:
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2.3 Find suppliers through social media

Chinese suppliers are now paying more and more attention to the promotion of social media, and most companies have their own LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Many suppliers also put some pictures and videos on the Pinterest and Youtube platforms. Chinese people have always been hospitable and like to make friends, so you will find a lot of suppliers on these social media platforms. Of course, before you become friends on social media platforms, you can check their homepages and tell them about their companies and personnel. Be understanding.

2.4 Other methods:

Use existing suppliers to find new suppliers. You may doubt this approach, but there are indeed purchases that do it. The premise is that you need to use the right methods and skillful strategies. The best way is to ask the supplier, who are his competitors? Of course, some people may be reluctant to say, or that there is no competitor. Then ask him who are the top three in this industry, of course, he may also answer: I am the most powerful in this industry. Then ask him who are the next three. If he answers, there will be no one behind. At this time, you can tell him: “Impossible, you are the only one in this industry? It means that you don’t understand this industry at all”! Under this method, he had to introduce the situation of the industry, so that we can get a lot of information at once. And the more he doesn’t want to talk about the competitor, the more likely it is that you want to find.

·What should a high-quality wholesale supplier have?

1. First of all, they should have a reliable customer service team, which is one of the most important characteristics. A respectable company will have respectable customer service because it represents the face of the company. For example, you can ask them any questions about how to start working together. They can answer for you with enthusiasm and patience

2. Second, they are organized and efficient. I don’t think you want to do business with messy people! A good supplier knows how to quickly provide any information you request. When you express your intention, they will quickly send you samples with logistics information. Sales representatives of wholesale suppliers will also quickly send you all product information through specific contact methods.

3. They should be experts in this industry. You can ask them anything, and they will give you a correct answer without hesitation. They should understand the ins and outs of the wholesale business and the attributes of the products they sell. You should be able to ask their customer representatives about the products they sell. For example, you can ask how a product compares to another product and get an answer.

4. The supplier shall provide you with data feedback. This is important once you start to establish cooperation. The timely update of data can make your business handier. In this way, you can save a lot of time. On the contrary, you don’t want to work with companies without feedback.

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